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Bonded ndfeb magnets moisture, oxidation of how to solve the problem?

by:Newland     2020-05-08
Slightly understand magnet friends all know that, compared with ferrite magnet, ndfeb magnet bonded ndfeb magnets with high remanence, high coercive force, high magnetic energy product, high performance ratio, easy processing and minimum size of different specifications, makes its own volume made of weight and volume weight of the motor down to 5 ~ 10 times. As a result, more expensive prices also gradually accepted by people. So, it's increasing dosage, usage is becoming more and more widely. But poor anticorrosion performance of bonded NdFeB magnet, magnet and Nd in Fe chemical activity is strong, easy to be oxidized, magnet surface micro battery in damp environment, increased the corrosion rate, corrosion can cause different degree of deformation and pulverization magnets, which can lead to magnetic would decline and the normal operation of the device, so to solve the corrosion problem of NdFeB magnet is one of the key problems affecting its application, the current usually adopt the way of surface electrophoresis to improve its corrosion resistance. Moisture, oxidation resistance of bonded ndfeb magnets, generally has the following several ways: 1, electrophoresis method: product surface treatment is mainly the epoxy resin bonded ndfeb magnet [ Electrophoresis] Way, in addition also can undertake electrophoretic acrylic resin, excellent corrosion resistance, this approach can make products have higher corrosion resistance. 2, spraying method: epoxy resin coating, teflon coating, 3, and other special requirements: send gonadorelin deposition, vacuum resin bonded ndfeb permanent magnet material production and application development later, application, dosage is small, it is mainly used for office automation equipment, electric machinery, audio-visual equipment, instruments and meters, small motors and mechanical measurement, in mobile phones, CD - 罗、DVD - ROM drive motor, drive spindle motor HDD, other micro dc motors and automation instruments and meters in areas such as widely used. In recent years, our country of the bonded ndfeb permanent magnet materials application: computer (62%), electronics (7%), office automation equipment (8%), cars (7%), equipment accounted for 7%, other 9%.
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