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Bonded ndfeb magnets applied to permanent magnet stepper motor, effect is so good!

by:Newland     2020-05-08
Permanent magnet stepper motor, also called PM stepping motor, the rotor adopts permanent magnet. This way of stepping motor stator using stamping processing into the jaw teeth, rotor using radial multi-polar magnetization of bonded ndfeb magnets. This motor cost is low, because this kind of motor with high efficiency, simple structure and good performance, easy to control and easy to realize large-scale production, etc, and therefore is widely used in computer peripherals, office automation, automobile electrical appliances, instruments and meters, household appliances, nc machine tools and robots, and other fields, the usage is the largest, the most widely application, the most rapidly growing class of most varieties and micro motors. Permanent magnet stepping motor is one of them. With China's information industry, the vigorous development of the automotive industry and household appliances industry, the demand for permanent magnet stepper motor has increased dramatically. According to incomplete statistics, China's annual output of permanent magnet stepper motor has amounted to about 10 million units. With the development of electric technology, especially the emergence of high performance permanent magnet stepping motor is becoming more and more high to the requirement of multipole magnetic ring. Bonded ndfeb multi-polar magnetic ring in the application of permanent magnet stepper motor can realize the miniaturization and thin, and, in turn, it can promote the permanent magnet stepper motor to further expand of the market. Bacuse bonded ndfeb magnets with isotropic, performance consistency is good, price moderate, can multi-polar magnetization, etc, of the world's developed countries, particularly in the United States and Japan, do not hesitate to put money on its mechanism, process and application of a wide range of research, but it is a key process still hasn't been reported. Domestic in the development of bonded ndfeb magnet over the years has always been in its infancy, with the vigorous development of ndfeb sintered magnet industry does not adapt. One reason is that the use of bonded ndfeb permanent magnet stepper motor multi-polar magnetic ring on the research and development of a series of key technology problems, such as special binder selection magnetic powder, choose thin-walled circular and automatic press forming, surface antirust processing, magnetization and multi-polar magnetic ring rotor integral injection molding and so on, are required to study. For the above problem is studied, and has set up a research achievements will be applied to actual production. Bonded ndfeb production by the multi-polar magnetic ring has been more than 20 users used to assembly production more than 300, ten thousand permanent magnet stepper motor, the motor is assembled into the printer, household telex, fax machines, air conditioners, photocopiers, robot and automobile odometer, obtained the user high praise.
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