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bmw comes charging into the future

by:Newland     2019-11-19
Tip: Battery-
Powered ActiveE is an exciting source of prospects: In Australia, the electric cars supplied are nothing.
There are only a few in the exhibition hall, and although this will change, there are not many sold.
Eventually, it will change quickly as the government encourages plugins
Europe has changed in driving green driving, and the United States has accelerated.
Some predict that electric vehicles will account for 10 per cent of global sales in 2020, while others are more aggressive.
Tesla Motors\'s chief executive, Elon Musk, expects him to gain a 50 share as he pushes the new S luxury electric limousine to be recognized.
But Europe is still the focus of the development of electric vehicles, no one is working harder than BMW. brand -BMWi -
For plug. in and range-
Electric model of extender.
The first new member of Sparky i3 is just around the corner, and the test is focused on 900 special BMW 1-
A series of cars carrying power packs that will be ported to the back of i3 next year.
I am at an exclusive driving event in Australia, looking for answers near BMW headquarters in Munich, but I would also love to see if the electric cars --
Driving the Nissan Leaf and the nearest Smart ED-
It can really be a viable and enjoyable future.
How do you price for the future?
You can\'t actually buy an active one, however, it could cost $250,000 if you can. Why?
Because the car is based on the BMW 1 Series coupe, which means at least $47,400 in Australia.
When engineers and assembly line workers finished their regular work and then boffins finished the spark conversion, the price had soared to the lab --on-
Cost is not the wheel range of the main problem.
Ian Robertson, head of global sales and marketing at BMW Group, said: \"It is clear that it will be expensive because it is prototype development . \".
However, the activated ee will become i3 next year, and while Carsguide prefers the price to be in the $35,000 range, it could be around $60,000.
It\'s still a big problem for a car you can\'t drive from Sydney to Melbourne, but its shape is good compared to Mitsubishi iMiEV for $48,800$51,500)
And the upcoming Holden V ($59,990).
Technology activation is the initial electric test platform of the BMW Group MiniE-
The most impressive electric car I drive
And build on this package.
First, there is a back seat.
Activation is a full battery-
Electric vehicles powered by permanent electric vehicles
Magnet, hybrid synchronous motor with rated power of 125 KW and 250Nm.
The battery has 32 KW-
Hourly capacity, weight 450 kg, with liquid cooling.
BMW said that ActiveE will reach 100 km/h at a maximum speed of 145 km/h in 9 seconds, and the performance is much better than the Smart ED electric car I drove in Stuttgart last month.
The range is 145, which I haven\'t tested seriously but seems realistic.
BMW says the new power pack of the car weighs less than 100 kg, which is good news for i3.
The total weight of ActiveE is 1800 kg, but BMW\'s goal is that the total weight of the showroom i3 is 1200, which will retain the company\'s traditional post-wheel drive.
The ActiveE package includes a bunch of other tricky things, and from the \"coast\" mode, when you lift from the throttle at highway speed, it can save you energy, very impressive
It is too powerful because of the deceleration of the city speed, it will hit the brake light
Even suitable for stability and traction control in the power world.
Almost the same as the other 1-Series Coupe.
The biggest giveaway is not a graphic package on the side, but a \"power\" bump in the hood.
Traditionally, this stuff is used to help send air into an internal combustion engine, or to make room for a huge fuel injection inlet, but in the event, the larger hood-
Like a BMW X6 Hybrid.
It is to clear the complex engine control system where the engine used to be.
It\'s all 1 Series inside.
The only visible change is the dashboard reading for battery life and instant energy use-
And recovery of regeneration.
\"ActiveE has proven that you don\'t have to compromise as most vehicles currently do,\" Robertson said.
It has a proper back seat and a boot.
\"Security is not possible to rate the security of the activation, as none of them have been publicly crash tested.
But it has airbags, stability controls, and ABS brakes for the regular 1-Series Coupe, although the stability is not as good as stopping at 1800 kg and the weight around the obstacle.
The coming of i3 next year will bring real safety testing, and BMW promises to launch five
Star NCAP results
DRIVINGI can easily live with BMW ActiveE.
It\'s not roti or responsive like M3 and not as luxurious as the 7 series, but it\'s done the job and is a real BMW with an electric twist.
When I stopped
Starting a Commuter rant on the way to Munich, I was surprised at how the activists responded.
In fact, it is easier to handle than an internal combustion engine car because there is no clutch to worry about, no power diversion or complaints, and no easy noise.
Activity is easy to keep in sync with stop-
Start city traffic, jump to 80 km/h and easily drive a 140 km/h cruise on unrestricted highways.
No one thinks it\'s an electric car and I have to keep reminding myself that I\'m powered by a battery.
There are some giveaways such as very low noise.
There was a buzz coming from the transmission system, but most of it was near-
Keep silent until the wind noise reaches about 100 kilometers per hour.
There is also regenerative braking.
Basically, unless you\'re on the highway, when the car goes into the impressive energy --
ActiveE saves the \"coast\" mode to get energy from the brake and charge the battery.
Except you don\'t actually need to brake.
It was all done with electronic equipment and after about an hour of driving I found it easy for me to turn to predictable traffic --
The lights stopped without brakes at all.
I drive more than 140 kilometers a day. and-a-
Under all the conditions, I found that I really enjoyed the event.
OK, the 1800 kg is very opposed to it in the corner, where it misses the usual BMW fun factor, but on top of that, it\'s also great to drive and the brilliant pointers to the i3. But.
There are two big buts.
The first is the inevitable \"range anxiety\" as I have never really determined how far I can run without the top of the batteryup.
BMW plans to answer the question with voltage. style range-
Extended internal combustion engine at the top
The battery is dead, although it is not clear whether this will be in i3, it will only be in the larger, more sporty i8 that follows.
The other is the source of power.
Munich is relatively green with a lot of wind turbines around it, but in Australia there is no \"zero emission\" car if the car is plugged into coalfired grid.
So there\'s still a problem, but ActiveE is a ripper that excites me to get into production i3 in 2013.
Gore and his friends got it wrong.
The electric car is not dead and it is speeding up fast to the lane near you. --
Activity 4 at GLANCEBMW.
SaleBODY BMW 1 Series coupeENGINE hybrid synchronous motor 5/125 KW NmBATTERY 32kWhRANGE 250 performance 0-160 price100km/h, 9. 0s;
The maximum speed is 145 km/hCONSUMPTION 0.
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