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big winery-hospitality operation near nelson

by:Newland     2019-11-09
One of New Zealand\'s largest wineries
Based on tourism and hotel operations
Including vineyards, function centers, restaurants and restaurants
It has been sold in the market.
West of Nelson, Mahana Estates in upper mutré earns revenue from four separate and interrelated revenue streams.
The Mahana Estates real estate portfolio includes: 21ha vineyards grown in pinot noir, reilin and Chardonnay;
9ha Acacia vineyards near the hope;
• A four of 25 square meters
A winery that can squeeze 500 tons of grapes per year and maintain it on its own-
On-site storage facilities and bottling plants operating on gravity feeding systems to minimize demand for pumps;
Wine Cellar tasting rooms and retail stores are also onela-
A la carte restaurant for up to 100 people or 40 guests;
Separate business-
Class features and event venues for wedding and company bookings, such as tank floors, which are able to host up to 200 guests in the form of seats, as well as more intimate barrel rooms, wine cellar and display wine cellar;
In addition, there is an upscale hotel with three residences that can accommodate 14 guests at a time.
Now, operating at 243 Old Coach Road, Mahana Manor vineyard, winery building and factory-
Including the Mahana label-
Retail stores, restaurants, functional catering businesses and luxury accommodation facilities are being sold through Bayleys marl and tenders will be closed at four o\'clock P. M. on July 13.
Sales person Mike Poff says multiple revenue streams from Mahana Estate are vertically seamless --
The integration from vines to Glass also has the flexibility to operate under their own entities.
\"Mahana Manor is basically based on the operation of the vineyard, which in turn supports the crushing plant, storage and bottling of the winery.
\"From there on, the label is sold through the hotel and retail sector, directly from its own cellar door,\" he said . \".
\"Through the function and event business, Mahana\'s tasting room restaurant and a larger product are also offered as part.
On the one hand, this means a zero carbon footprint for inventory delivery-actually brought upstairs from the wine cave --
This also means better profit margins by negating the needs of any wholesaler or retailer.
\"Functional places, to a lesser extent, the restaurant also maintains the accommodation aspect of the brand Mahana Estates.
With the ability to accommodate up to 14 guests, the cottage is the perfect place to accommodate guests attending events such as weddings or corporate reps who use the location for on-site office
On-site meeting or reward program.
\"Mahana Estate\'s accommodation attracts guests who can eat and drink on site at the basement door restaurant.
Perfect symbiotic business model.
\"The industrial environment of tanks, barrels and barrels adds to the atmosphere of the venue, with two full commercial kitchens serving the venue.
\"Cellar door retail facilities in Mahana and 60-Seating restaurant.
Function rooms and restaurants are served by two separate commercial kitchens-
There\'s a combi oven between them, a standard oven, a couple of four-
Burner gas stove, deep fryer, grille, heavy duty-
Washing and drying factory, walking-
In the fridge and freezer.
In addition to owning 30ha vineyards, Mahana Estates leased an additional 20ha site, Poff said.
In 2017 harvest, 268 tons of grapes were produced by joint planting, of which 153 tons were bottled with Mahana labels.
The first vines were planted here in 2000.
\"The operating capacity of the winery is far lower-
\"The choice is to focus on product quality rather than quantity,\" he said . \".
The company employs up to 10 employees in wineries and vineyards;
13 additional staff in the housekeeping department;
With parts
Catering and cooking staff service features the time of booking.
It\'s 22 big authorized hosting-
Expand features every year.
The restaurant serves lunch and \"essentials\" every day to meet the needs of guests staying in the relevant cabin.
Mahana wines for sale at three quality points and prices-entry level, mid range
Range and premium.
The label is sold across New Zealand, Australia and North America.
The products sold include about $1.
The past two years have a stock of 5 million on hand to ensure a seamless supply of wine for several consecutive years while the new boss takes over operations.
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