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belinda carlisle stops her menopausal flushes with mysterious miracle magnet

by:Newland     2019-09-02
The singer claims that Belinda Carlisle\'s menopause flush has been eradicated by the mysterious magnet her doctor gave her. The 10-pence-
She had to have the size of the disc on her underwear and wear it day and night.
Harley Street doctor Nyjon Eccles believes the product has relieved overwork by treating the singer \"Heaven is a place on Earth\"
The nervous system reaction that affects anxiety and sweating.
Carlisle was \"very suspicious\" of the magnet, she said, but it prevented her from flushing.
\"In 48 hours, I had no hot flashes from 30 to 40 times.
I feel like old Belinda again.
It\'s actually better than that, \"she told the Daily Mail.
\"I had a very severe PMS before I started having menopause symptoms: very severe depression and I didn\'t have the energy.
\"This happens every month, and I \'ve been taking Prozac on and off for years.
All of a sudden, I got rid of it all.
Carlisle began to enter menopause in her forties, began to suffer from hot flashes, and began to have a negative impact on her life.
\"I started with sweat and excitement.
I don\'t feel well.
\"I\'m always a little warm during the day and I also feel like my engine is running too high and I feel really tired,\" Carlisle said . \".
\"My sleep was affected so I never had a rest.
I can handle it all.
But the hot flashes of the day started, which is terrible.
\"I will feel the pressure in my head and the water will start.
\"I have to take a shower 40 times a day.
I would sweat so hard that I could see on me that I had to get into the habit of changing clothes with me because my shirt and jeans would get wet.
Magnet maker LadyCare said that when more than 500 women tried this method, women from 50 to 70 reported that this method reduced irritability and improved sleep, more than the third said, after wearing the magnet day and night for a month, their flush became less red.
Other alternatives that help combat the negative effects of menopause include hormone replacement therapy (HRT)
Carlisle didn\'t want to try it.
\"I have heard of this magnet, but the study of it lasted only three months and may have a strong placebo effect,\" Dr. Eccles said . \".
\"There seems to be a lower risk of adverse effects using this method, but it doesn\'t protect your bones as much as hormone replacement therapy does.
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