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Beijing's first maglev train will open trial operation

by:Newland     2020-05-06
Low speed maglev traffic line S1 in Beijing the first line is currently in no-load test run, stone factory line leading to Jin Anqiao stand the end of the trial operation, will improve the traffic environment of Beijing west vallely new town. With independent intellectual property rights over Beijing S1 lines for 10. 236 kilometers, the eight full, full of elevated station. Maglev train using 6 marshalling, complement carrying 1032 people, operating top speed of 80 kilometers per hour. Twice as fast than ground traffic 16 across the commissioning of new line S1 maglev train to move back and forth between the hills, while reporters in bottles liquid level is only slightly fluctuations, but the window outside the view of the rapid transformation, shows the car is running. S1 line of maglev train with a very large Windows and window over the hill, the wetland's innovative, can let a person the first time in a high-level vallely spectacle. Earlier, vallely new town and city center contact relies mainly on the mound stone road, Beijing road ground traffic, transportation is relatively single, there is no rail transit line support. At the end of this year, S1 line is about to open the trial operation, even if the mountain, across a river time required will be twice as fast than ever to walk the ground. , the relevant person in charge of major office, said S1 line radiation involved, the miaofeng mountains, west mountain forest park and other natural scenic area, ecological environment along the line, profound historical culture, will become the nation's green ecological line model. Annual capacity of 56 million passengers from shek mun camp, like flying a few turn first, mountain climbing, this is the most good at S1 line. 'Maglev train than other rail transit train climbing ability. 'Slightly slow down while gently turning vehicles, but it is not hard, city major relevant controller introduces. S1 line engineering field environment is complex, exist across the road, across a river, across different rail and pipeline construction, and the path through or multiple parallel programming. Construction personnel adjust measures to local conditions, the line design used in a variety of forms, a y-shaped pier, frame piers, gate pier, vases, piers, etc. 'Not only can climb a mountain, S1 line maglev train can cross the river, can drill holes, using a special process can be too much. The relevant person in charge of ', for example, across the xifeng temple ditch, stone ditch, ditch Feng Village important landscape river camp, in order to reduce the impact on the riverbed waterproof, such as the original structure, the riverbed not adding temporary support, and use directly across the erection of long-span bailey beam construction process; Across the west sixth ring and adopt the mound stone road construction hanging basket construction technology; S1 line at the beginning of the maglev design, the near future, passenger flow intensity of 0 respectively. 850000 m/km, 1. 270000 m/km, 1. 580000 m/km. The initial minimum headway time 5 minutes, the actual operating top speed 80 km/h. Passengers 160000 passengers, on passenger traffic to 4. 73 million, 56. 85 million passengers, is by far the world's largest capacity in low speed maglev traffic operation line.
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