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become the neighborhood expert to build a strong real estate business

by:Newland     2019-11-18
I \'ve heard entrepreneur Brad Inman talk about the challenges he faces in selling his parents\' house and trying to find the right local agent.
Who can find the best agent to sell the house better than Brad Inman, right?
Who knows more about every new brokerage model and unique marketing strategy proposed by top producers, or everyone in a real estate brokerage world like Brad?
But in the end, Brad said, it all comes down to the fact that his father told him to look at the magnet on the refrigerator, which says the name of the person who \"sold all the houses nearby.
\"Now, that\'s the definition of controlling a community.
It may take decades for the broker to become a top producer in his area and eventually become
To the people who sell the most houses in that block.
I can only imagine the number of business cards he distributed at the cocktail party, how many open days he hosted, he must have sent tens of thousands of postcards and knocked hundreds of doors.
This is how the best real estate companies have been built for nearly a century.
For many, they are still built like this.
But today, with digital marketing, there\'s another way to build the same business --
Only faster, and usually with less money.
Because it involves the use of technology and social media, this approach has been adopted by many young agents.
We have also seen another important trend.
Many old, mature, top
Production agents are turning to digital marketing.
They are starting to take advantage of the power of social media channels, because they not only want to dominate their communities online --
Like the guy in the fridge magnet.
But they also want to dominate the Internet.
I believe that the opportunity to get closer to home, to Super places, to be a neighborhood expert is one of the best ways to build a long-term relationship
Real estate terminology business.
Where do you start?
What does it take to be a \"their\" agent to be a neighbor?
The good news is that when you have to call your neighbors door to door, it doesn\'t take as long as it used to be.
The hard thing is you have to be an expert
Really smart.
About your neighbor.
It still takes time and effort.
But what you\'re going to build is a great, long term
Long lasting real estate business.
Here are some of the key steps agents have to take so they don\'t have to claim to be a neighbor expert
People will simply know that they are. 1.
Work where you live: the place you live in is the best neighbor.
Your goal, your main focus and area should be this and the surrounding blocks. 2.
Learn about your market numbers inside and outside: you need to be a digital fan near you.
Run multiple list service reports and/or brokerage reports on a monthly basis to get an idea of what\'s going on.
Get to know your demographics, accumulate as much public data as you can, and then start collecting and recording as much major data as you can (
What you collect from talking to neighbors and following up on this information)as you can.
The more you know about your neighbors and neighbors, the more your expertise will grow over time, and that\'s why people will look for you. 3.
Become active and helpful but never sold
Y: If you have, join the Facebook page and community site forum next door and near you.
If not, start one.
Always provide help and information when answering questions, never Selfpromotional.
If you sell or look like you sell-
You will turn people off.
As a resource, people can seek advice. 4.
Sharing is 10 times more than ever before: the concept here is to be a giver.
You need to tell yourself that you will receive it if you don\'t ask.
It may sound a bit contradictory, but that\'s the magic of social media as the main character --
Replace the car.
If you push online, you push people away. Instead, give.
Provide detailed information about defective roof collective action solutions, share stories about how to mitigate pest problems that occur every few years in summer, or answer questions about people buying a house before selling a house.
People will ask you for advice and will eventually ask for advice for their business. 5.
Visit every family you can visit: when a buyer or seller calls to ask you to represent them, the four most important words they will hear are \"I know that house \".
You have to know every house near you.
Visit every family, whether it\'s a broker tour or an office tour, Open House, FSBO (
Sold by the owner)
Or a party nearby.
And take notes.
You can remember the details of each floor plan, the unique and prominent features of the House, any major shortcomings, due to the location of the House and the surrounding trees, plot or yard, and even how much sunlight it has, or no sun can make you an expert with extra edges.
It does take time to control a community.
It may take several years.
But in today\'s world of digital marketing, mainly because of the concentration of social media channels and your marketing, because you don\'t rely on postcards and the US, so it will be just a few years instead of decades. S.
For decades, the Postal Service has dripped your way into people\'s memory.
Don\'t get me wrong.
Each agent still wants to be a magnet on the refrigerator in everyone\'s home.
But the problem is, it\'s a pretty expensive way to build a business.
Most homes today have stainless steel refrigerators and the magnets don\'t stick to them.
But you \'d better believe that the owners of these houses have Facebook.
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