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beach lodge to court \'flashpackers\'

by:Newland     2019-11-09
The only beachfront backpacker accommodation for tourists-
Now it is the magnet township of waitianga.
Land, construction and commerce for beach backpackers will be auctioned by Bayleys Hamilton on April 27.
Business salesperson Josh Smith, who is marketing business at 46 Beach Road, Buffalo, notes that this is the closest place to accommodation on the main beaches of Whitianga.
\"This is a feature that backpackers are actively looking;
\"They want to see the view over the water and have the opportunity to enjoy a takeout dinner on Sandy\'s coastline,\" Smith said . \". \"This purpose-
Place of stay-
Consists of four separate buildings for 72 guests-
Right across from Buffalo Beach.
\"Built in the 1980 generation, today\'s 760sq cottage building is located on the land of 2152sq, equipped with a range of room sizes. There\'s single-
Shared double and double rooms, gender and mixed sex bunk bed style dorm and single room.
There is a separate kitchen, a restaurant/lounge, and a separate bathroom in each of the four buildings.
Accommodation in the beach also has four self-inventory
Contains the family unit, while the three units upstairs
Bedroom owner/manager residence overlooking double entrance tar-
Enclosed driveway with access to Buffalo Beach Road and Bruce Street.
The business is a member of the umbrella marketing brand of the Youth Hostel Association, which is based on traditional backpack customers.
Smith described it as \"stereo.
Typical backpacker accommodation
Meet the budget end of the free independent traveler market \".
Although the business trades with the absent owner/operator on a sustainable balance sheet, the opportunity for any new owner is to upgrade the existing facility to a new generation of \"Flash Pack\" accommodation.
\"While this will result in a reduction in available bedding inventory, the price income per room may be higher than compensation for focus changes,\" Smith said . \".
Repackaging the business \"quickly packed\" onto a higher room stand
The configuration of the shared bathroom facilities, the potential liquor licensing of the premises, and the creation of a library or media room, etc.
\"The movable property consists of four kitchens with household refrigeration and cooking equipment, four kitchens with corresponding catering cooking and catering equipment, and two commercial-
Premium washers and dryers for business and guests
Office operation and accounting system, linen and Manchester for all bedding, as well as a complete set of casual toys such as kayaks, bagels and bicycles for guest use. The venue -
Including three land ownership in L-shape -
Three blocks from the central business center of Whitianga, you can enjoy a unobstructed view of Mercury Bay.
Guest parking is available in the hotel and in front of the hotel.
The business consists of a full-time employee
Time management and
Two-part time Butler
The time steward rostered the cleaners according to the check-in requirements.
\"Like most accommodation businesses, Beach Backpackers track the busiest trading hours of December --to-
\"During the summer period, the occupancy rate is usually around 86%,\" Smith said . \".
\"In the quieter winter months, the occupancy rate is as low as 15%.
This is a case of \"drying hay in the Sun\" and then crouching down in the winter.
\"The latest commercial accommodation data for Stats NZ in January in the Coromandel area shows that visitor accommodation nights increased by 7% year on year-on-year --on-
In one year, the average stay time for backpackers is 1. 81 nights -up from 1.
76 nights in January 2016
The data also shows that there were 10,288 backpacker nights in koromander in January, with an average industry occupancy rate of 65. 6 per cent.
Income on the beach reflects the positive impact of the tourism market
2015/16 accounts showed an increase in revenue for the fiscal year 2014/15.
Bed in a hostel in waitianga is $30-a-
In the evening, although most private rooms are $80-per-
In the evening, a double suite is rented for $96-a-night.
\"There is room for this business to improve operational efficiency --
This will certainly go to the bottom line.
With support for marketing, it is also possible to raise house prices while remaining competitive both at backpacker prices and mentally.
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