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Basic knowledge of ndfeb strong magnet _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-01
Ndfeb magnetic material, as the latest result of the development of rare earth permanent magnet materials, because of their excellent magnetic known as & other; The king of magnetic & throughout; 。 Ndfeb magnetic material is neodymium, an alloy of iron oxide, etc. Also called magnetic steel. Ndfeb material contains a lot of neodymium and iron, easy to rust. So the ndfeb magnet ( Powerful magnet) Surface coating treatment must be conducted. Surface chemical passivation is currently one of the very good solution. Ndfeb has a very high magnetic energy product and JiaoLi, at the same time, the advantages of high energy density makes the ndfeb permanent magnet material in modern industry and the wide application of electronic technology, so that the instruments and meters, electronic motor, magnetization of the magnetic separation equipment miniaturization, lightweight, thin become possible. The advantage of ndfeb is cost-effective, good mechanical properties; Lack of Curie temperature in low point, temperature characteristic is poor, and is easy to be pulverization corrosion, must through the adjust its chemical composition and take surface treatment methods to improve, to reach the requirements of practical application. Ndfeb is divided into two kinds of sintered ndfeb and bonded ndfeb, every direction of bonded ndfeb magnetic, corrosion resistance; And sintered ndfeb because easy to corrosion, surface coating, generally have galvanized zinc, nickel, environmental protection, environmental protection nickel, nickel and copper nickel, environmental protection, such as nickel, copper and nickel. And sintered ndfeb axial magnetization, the magnetization and radial general points according to the need of working face. Chemical composition: nd-fe-b materials is based on intermetallic compounds RE2FE14B permanent magnetic material. Main ingredients for rare earth ( 重新) , iron ( FE) , boron ( B) 。 The rare earth ND for different performance available parts of dysprosium ( Dy) , praseodymium ( Pr) Other rare earth metals replace, iron can also be cobalt ( Co) , aluminum ( Al) And other metal parts to replace, the content of boron is small, but to form a square crystal structure between the metal compounds play an important role, yes compounds with high saturation magnetization, high uniaxial anisotropy and high Curie temperature. Brand: each type of product according to the maximum magnetic energy product size divided several grades, ndfeb magnetic material grades are: N35 & ndash; N52 N35M - N50M N30H— N48H,N30SH— N45SH N28UH— N28EH——N35UH, N35EH。 Digital brand, brand sample: 048021 ( BH) Max is 366 ~ 398 kj/m3, Hcj to 800 ka/m of sintered ndfeb permanent magnet materials. Character of sintered ndfeb permanent magnet material grades by the main ChenHe two magnetic properties of three parts, the first part is given priority to, according to the chemical symbol ND of neodymium, iron chemical symbol of FE and boron element, chemical symbol B, the second part is the line in front of the Numbers, the biggest magnetic energy product material ( BH) The nominal value (Max The unit is kj/m3) , after the third part is the slash, digital, magnetic pole strength coercive force value ( The unit is KA/m) One over ten of the value USES the nearest integer. Brand example: NdFeb380/80 ( BH) Max is 366 ~ 398 kj/m3, Hcj to 800 ka/MR sintered ndfeb permanent magnet materials. Application: sintered ndfeb permanent magnet materials have excellent magnetic, widely used in electronics, electricity, machinery, medical equipment, toys, packaging, hardware machinery, aerospace and other fields, is one of the more common permanent magnet motor, speaker, magnetic separator, computer disk drives, magnetic resonance imaging equipment instrument, etc. Health function: ndfeb permanent magnets ( Powerful magnet) Is the national 863 project plan high-tech materials. He can generate a simulation of the human body magnetic field characteristics of biological magnetic field, stable performance!
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