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Baotou steel special steel company successfully developed ndfeb steel products

by:Newland     2020-04-15
Baotou steel special steel company successfully developed ndfeb steel products. Recently, the two specifications of industrial pure iron steel developed in special steel branch, a kind of authors efficiency has guiding significance for electrolytic aluminum industry, while another filled in the steel industry for pure iron smelting rare earth ndfeb market blank. At present, in the cross section of the 130 x 228 mm flat steel electrodes at the back of the process is further processing, in addition the first batch of a diameter of 50 mm industrial pure iron ndfeb used for smelting steel product inspection index all qualified. Industrial pure iron smelting is summary of the main raw material, has been more than a dozen of baotou rare earth magnets enterprises from a high price to buy industrial pure iron round steel iron and steel enterprises. After special steel branch docking with the northern rare-earth magnets company many times, finally will sell 50 mm industrial pure iron successfully used for smelting ndfeb, after repeated testing, the indicators meet the requirement, fill the baotou steel blank market in ndfeb with industrial pure iron. Information related to rare earth magnet major ban: the U. S. department of defense are being banned from China to buy more than the rare earth magnet magnetic steel content from the network, the article belongs to the industry news, see more magnet industry news: WWW. 勇气, 磁铁。 com/news/news_5_1。 html
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