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Automobile fuel gauge magnetic steel is introduced, the fuel gauge magnetic steel parts specification is introduced

by:Newland     2020-04-15
Can be customized plastic magnetic ndfeb? Find injection ndfeb production factory, dongguan card Ricky magnet supplier, according to the customer's specific needs for production. Below it says fuel gauge magnetic steel under the first to introduce fuel gauge: fuel gauge can be used to indicate that the fuel tank inside store how much the amount of fuel. It is mounted on the dashboard fuel indicator and installed in the fuel in the sensor of two parts. Electromagnetic fuel indicator and bimetallic type two kinds, sensors are all variable resistance type. Fuel gauge magnetic characteristics: 1, the oil pressure gauge with plastic magnetic ndfeb magnet steel material, the poles magnetization, magnetic field intensity in 850 gs ~ 2500 gs are adjustable. 2, but with the needle shaft insert molding, high dimensional accuracy; To avoid the secondary assembly dimensional deviation caused by the process and the products, such as crack faults; 3, unique magnet polymer coating technology, good antiseptic effect and magnetic uniform. Fuel gauge magnetic steel part specifications: product specifications pin shaft specifications magnetic Φ 13. 5 * 3Φ1。 4 * 21. 2 850 ~ 960Φ13。 6 * 3. 4Φ1 * 22。 4 750 ~ 950Φ14。 5 * 1. 9Φ0。 9 * 21. 8 1100 ~ 1300 automotive related magnetic steel articles recommendation: car tachometer with magnetic steel is introduced car headlamps stepper motor with rotor ferrite magnetic steel is introduced
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