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atm, safe stolen from massachusetts american legion

by:Newland     2019-10-04
Petsfield, quality. (AP)—
Police in Massachusetts are investigating an ATM and a 400-
Sterling safe from veterans organizations
Martha Reid, manager of the Pittsburgh Legion of America Post 68, told Berkshire Eagle that both items were stolen late last month.
About $2,000 in ATM, $5-$450 in cash
A safe high-foot gun
Read said someone cut off the alarm and telephone line behind the building around 5 in the morning. m. Aug.
20. Then pry open the outer door.
Video surveillance showed a man wearing gray trousers, blue hooded jerseys, gloves and masks in the building.
The video has been shown to other staff and members but no one has identified the suspect.
Reid said it was sad that someone would steal something from a veteran.
From: information from BerkshireMass. )
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