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as companies relocate to big cities, suburban towns are left scrambling

by:Newland     2019-11-07
Visitors visiting McDonald\'s wooded corporate campus enter a lane with the name of the late chief executive Ray Crocker and then turn to Ronald Lane before arriving at Hamburg University, more than 80,000 people have received rapid trainingfood managers.
There is a quiet neighborhood and convenient highway connection around, which is 86-
For 40 years, the acre suburban compound, decorated with walking trails and duck pools, is considered an ideal place to attract executives as the company has risen to global dominance.
Nowadays, a wooded environment is considered a responsibility.
Competing with a variety of companies for top tech workers and young professionals, McDonald\'s executives announced last year that they would sell the property and move to the West Loop in Chicago, where, the \"L\" train arrives every few minutes, with construction cranes spread over the skyline.
McDonald\'s will join many other companies in Chicago.
Among them are food giant Kraft Heinz, commodity giant ADM and Motorola Solutions, a telecoms company.
All want to attract and approach young professionals who are proficient in e-commerce
Business, software analytics, digital engineering, marketing and finance.
This resettlement is happening across the country as economic opportunities move to a handful of top cities, and it is harder for some suburbs and smaller cities to find jobs.
Antai recently announced that it will move from Hartford, Connecticut. , to Manhattan;
GE will leave Connecticut to establish a global headquarters in Boston;
Marriott International is moving from an office park in Maryland to the heart of Bethesda.
Ram Emanuel, mayor of Chicago (D)
He said that the old models that executives choose to live near where they want to live have been subverted by the growing technological influence of almost every industry.
IT operations were an afterthought a few years ago.
Now, people with such expertise are pushing
Many of them prefer the urban environment.
\"It used to be in the back office somewhere,\" Emanuel said . \".
\"IT departments and software, computers, and data mining are now next to the CEO.
Or that company\'s gone.
\"The migration to urban centers threatens the long-term prosperity of the suburbs and brings some pain to rural communities, exacerbated the huge gap in income and wealth that Donald Trump used to win the presidential election.
McDonald\'s may not even be the most notable corporate promoter in Illinois.
Mechanical giant Caterpillar said this year it will move its headquarters from Peoria to Deerfield, closer to Chicago.
The company said it would retain about 12,000 manufacturing, engineering and research jobs in its original hometown. But top-
Payment Office work
Higher model of Caterpillar-ups enjoy —
The company is canceling a 3,200 plan.
It aims to revitalize the headquarters of People in downtown Peoria.
\"It\'s really hard.
I mean, you know, over the past few years, the $0. 8 billion HQ has turned into hundreds of good construction jobs. R)said.
In the long run, the actions of these companies threaten the development track of small businesses that rely on proximity to large companies to survive, from restaurants and cleaning departments to subcontractors located nearby.
\"Oak Creek village grew up with McDonald\'s.
So when the news came, it was a blue shock-
\"We really didn\'t expect it,\" Gopal G said . \".
Lalmalani, a cardiologist who also serves as village chief.
Lalmalani is no stranger to the desire of young professionals to live in urban life: his adult daughter, lawyer and actress lives in Chicago.
When McDonald\'s arrived at Oak Brook in 1971, many Americans were moving in the opposite direction away from the city.
In the next few years, the identity and rapid development of this small village
McDonald\'s has built a brand that eats only one happy meal at a time in the post-war suburbs.
\"Travel and tell someone you\'re from Oak Creek and let them say, \'Well, I \'ve never heard of that, \'and then tell them,\' yes, you have.
Look at the back of the McDonald\'s ketchup package, says Karen Bussey, former country president.
Her son held his wedding reception at a hotel on campus, sometimes referred to as McLodge.
The village expressed gratitude.
No property tax-
McDonald\'s contributes $100,000 a year to the fireworks display in July 4, and provides a huge position for towns with less than 8,000 people.
However, McDonald\'s is under pressure to update its products for the Internet age, so it opened an office in San Francisco and moved more digital businesses to downtown Chicago a year later, strategically close to tech incubators and digital outposts for companies including Yelp and eBay.
Steve Easterbrook, CEO of the acquisition of spring 2015, seeks continuous innovation, launches mobile-side ordering, and emphasizes self-
Through cooperation with UberEats, the service is provided for the kiosk of the restaurant and the scope of delivery is expanded.
With McDonald\'s embracing technology, it decided not only needed to be closer to the workers who built e-commerce
Robert Gibbs, former White House press secretary and executive vice president of McDonald\'s, said business tools also apply to customers who use them.
This is because of the next generation of fast-
Food consumers are more likely to arrive by iphone than by carthroughs.
\"The decision was actually based on getting closer to our customers,\" Gibbs said . \".
The location of the new headquarters is the Fulton Market, replacing Oprah Winfrey\'s show-shooting site, a bustling community full of new apartments and some of the city\'s most rated new restaurants.
Bu and others in Oakbrook are wondering if part of the reason for the relocation is to effectively get rid of those employees who build their lives on their way to and from Oakbrook who may not follow the company in the city center.
This is not intentional, Gibbs said.
\"Our assumption is not a certain number [of our staff]will not come. Some may not.
In some ways, this may be a personal decision.
\"I think our employees are very excited about this move,\" he said . \".
For the company, the arrival of Chicago is a magnet, covering up the statistics that usually put the company\'s promoters on hold.
High murder rates and concerns about police stations have weakened the popularity of Emanuel in the local area, but with the influx of young professionals into the circle, these problems seem to be limited to the rest of the city, the lively central business district of Chicago.
Chicago is ranked first.
Over the past four years, a city in the United States has invested in the real estate trade publication Site Selection magazine.
Emanuel says executives looking for a new office don\'t often express concerns about crime.
Instead, he output 140,000-
The number of fresh graduates in local colleges and universities is increasing every year.
\"The company told me that the problem they care about most is --
He said.
The heart of the Caterpillar suddenly changed.
Two years ago, the company\'s leadership team announced the new $0. 8 billion program at a ceremony with state and local officials, 31-
The goal of Acre\'s headquarters is to restore a vacant storefront in the city center.
\"We came to Peoria to stay,\" Caterpillar said at the time.
At the time, chief executive Doug Oberhelman announced. Illinois Gov. Bruce Rauner (R)
Stand up and applaud.
On January, Caterpillar suddenly canceled the Peoria headquarters building and said it would transfer about 300 executives to the Chicago area.
The local response was more than just disappointment and confusion.
Three generations of people in the city have worked at Caterpillar.
Design, assembly and painting of tractor and crane pipel.
Like other companies, Caterpillar has a digital center in downtown Chicago, just a mile from the new McDonald\'s headquarters.
But now, it also shifts many executives from colleagues who design, produce and transport company products --
There are more possibilities for Caterpillar employees to leave.
\"There must be people in the area who don\'t want to go to Chicago, fearing that their jobs will go there,\" said Jennifer Daley, former chief executive of the Greater Peoria Economic Development Commission.
If there is more work, it will reduce the choice of highly qualified managers and executives who choose to stay at Peoria\'s home --
It\'s much cheaper and less crowded than Chicago or Deerfield.
\"The people who started this company since 1925 are Peorians, they are Midwest people, they are not city people,\" said Rennie Atterbury, who has long been a Caterpillar executive and general counsel.
The decision upset officials in Peoria.
They focus on different industries such as healthcare and help other manufacturing companies in the city find jobs other than making tractors.
About 100 small manufacturers in the region rely heavily on Caterpillar\'s contracting work.
\"We really want to help them diversify,\" said Daley . \".
\"These manufacturers are not used to selling outside the Earth --Mobile industry.
Li Powell of Peoria contributed to the report.
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