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are lcd tvs affected by magnets? lcd, plasma tv’s and magnets

by:Newland     2019-10-29

Magnets, magnetic fields and TVs are issues of general concern to the owners of liquid crystal displays, from CRT (Cathode-Ray Tube)
TV sets are still very popular.
Owners of plasma TVs or LCD TVs are usually concerned that the placement of speakers and the magnets contained in the speakers can cause magnets or magnetic fields.
The speakers occasionally cause problems with the old crt TV.
This is why if the LCD display is placed near the device with a magnet, there is a concern about image distortion or color fading (
Contains a large number of electrical appliances). 

However, most new CRT models are not affected by powerful magnets such as magnetic fields or rare magnetsearth magnets.
Read on to see if a magnetic field or magnet can have a negative impact on a plasma or LCD device.
The only ones in the CRT and magnetcrt groups that have the risk of being damaged by a magnet are slot Shields/shadows, located outside the cabinet or housing.
If exposed to a very powerful magnet, it is possible to distort this and destroy the picture.
However, the slot shield is still protected and is unlikely to be damaged by most magnets in common appliances.
Most of the new CRT devices are protected by this danger, and this issue does not apply to the old black and white devices.
Even if there is a problem, it can be corrected by a method called \"manual demagnetic\", which should be performed by the technician.
As a result, even the concerns that the magnets seriously affect the old TV sets are not entirely accurate.
The LCD, plasma, and magnetic fields do not affect these types of collections, as they do not use beams or fluorescent materials, but rather static liquid crystals, which are solid-
Cells whose status is not moved. 

While they are still sensitive to changes in the electric field, a lot of effort is needed to destroy the display.
Even so, it must be voluntary.
Also, the projection shows that there is no shadow mask, so this type of damage does not apply.
Therefore, you should not worry about putting the speakers next to the LCD and plasma TVs, and you should not worry about putting the TVs near any other device with magnets, because the magnets will not hurt them.
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