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Arc magnets have what advantage? Tile shape curved magnet is introduced

by:Newland     2020-03-15
Life a lot of people see magnets are round, circle, or are square, not regular will be less, actually magnets and many nature of the product is the same, also can come in many shapes, including arc, elliptic, concave and convex shape, trapezoidal, etc. , told everyone today is arc magnets, arc magnets have what advantage? Arc magnet images arc magnet is mainly used in where? What are the advantages? Arc magnets are mainly applied in motor ( Motor) In the majority, main advantage lies in its shape characteristics, between the magnets and the stator magnetic gap is smaller. Torque, stability will be better. Arc magnets can be according to our drawing or sample? Magnetic steel is can be customized according to your request, this is completely no problem, the specific price can contact our website online customer service. Related curved tile magnet articles; Permanent magnet brushless motor in tile shape magnetic steel and rectangular magnets have what good? Tile shape magnet ( Effect of magnetic field distribution order) - - - - - - Ricky magnet card factory
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