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apple patents case that uses high powered magnets to keep ipads or iphones safe if they\'re dropped

by:Newland     2019-09-18
The broken screen will soon be the past.
Apple has a patent to protect your tablet or iPhone in the fall.
The patent was filed on 2015 but was just released on Tuesday.
In the document titled \"dynamic stable magnetic array\" scroll down to watch the video and Apple describes an hi-
A technical gadget that uses solenoid valves to connect devices and accessories to each other.
Together with conventional magnets, add magnets to the device to provide a stronger magnetic connection.
Apple said in its patent that unfortunately the field of permanent magnet production is not always ideal and cannot adapt to every particular situation.
In addition, the magnetic coupling generated by permanent magnets may not be strong enough to withstand certain challenging working environments in which the peak force applied to the magnetic coupling exceeds the magnetic suction Center
At the same time, the magnet can even produce a stronger magnetic field than the \"highest-strength permanent magnet\", the company added.
Apple believes that magnets are particularly useful to prevent falling devices from breaking or hitting when they collide with the ground.
The patent describes how to drive the magnet through a magnetic field sensor in a magnetic array.
If a fall is detected, several magnets in the enclosure will be deactivated, which will cause the device to be towed away from the side that is expected to hit the floor.
Once the corner of the protection box hits the hard surface, the space between the protection box and the device forms an extrusion zone, reducing the speed at which the impact force is transmitted to the device, Apple explained in the patent, this reduces the possibility of damage.
In some implementation cases, the power supplied to the magnet can be reduced slowly for further control.
The company added that once the established crushing zone is flattened, there is no longer any surplus, which may be particularly effective as it allows people to have greater control over the speed of deceleration.
The patent mainly describes the case used to protect the ipad, but it is also possible to use it for the iphone.
The device will be built on the Apple iPad smart shell, which uses magnets to wake the iPad and put it into sleep.
It is not clear whether Apple will release a case against broken devices, as many patented devices have never been implemented, but nonetheless, it is an interesting idea.
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