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Any smco ring magnets factories instead of trading companies recommended?
It's important to know what type of supplier you are looking for when sourcing in China. If you consider buying smco ring magnets from a Chinese manufacturer, Newland Magnet Industry Co., Ltd. is always an option for you. A factory usually provides more options when you order custom made or branded products (OEM / ODM). Rather than cooperate with a trading company, customers will better understand a manufacturer(factory)'s pricing structure, capabilities and limitations - thus making current and future product development more efficient.

In a fantastic market environment, Newland has grown quickly in the industry of Types of Magnets. Newland has created a number of successful series, and magnet application is one of them. When manufacturing Newland neodymium pot magnets, our team will check all manufactured LED boards, and verify the component assembly. It will not be shipped until all areas of concern have been addressed. This product is mainly exported to Europe and the United State. The quality control brings standardization into the product. Handled by the isostatic pressing method, it's not easy to deform.

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