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an accidental shooting kills a child every other day

by:Newland     2019-08-24
A few hours ago, he was a happy 4-year-
Old man who likes Iron Man, Hulk and Avengers.
Now, as Bryson may
Hernández was close to death in a ward at the Houston hospital, his brain swollen through a bullet hole in his face, and his mother assured the boy that death was OK.
\"When you\'re on the other side,\" recalled his mother, cristós may, \"you\'ll see the mother crying so badly.
Not because she\'s crazy.
Because she misses you.
\"It\'s not your fault . \"
But whose fault is this?
Bryson used a in last January. 22-
His grandmother was kept under the bed.
It was an accident, but many factors could be blamed, from the negligence of his grandmother to the failure of the government and industry to find ways to prevent him from dying, and so on.
The Associated Press and USA Today Network are starting to determine how many people are still there.
Findings: in the first six months of this year, minors died from accidental shooting --
In their own hands, or in the hands of other children or adults --
At the rate of every other day, far more than the speed shown by limited federal statistics.
Such a tragedy as the death of Bryson Messe
Hernández has repeatedly staged throughout the country.
Curious toddlers found unsafe, bullet-filled pistols at home and in the car, and fatally shot themselves and others.
Teenagers often show off their guns to their friends and brothers and sisters, only to shoot them.
Using information collected by non-partisan research groups on gun violence files, news reports and public sources, the media spent six months analyzing the deaths and injuries of children aged and under in January 17 due to accidental shooting.
Month, 2014, from this year to June 30-
A total of more than 1,000 incidents occurred.
In the results of the survey :-
The number of deaths and injuries of children under 5 years of age has surged, with 3-year-
Among young children, the most common gunmen and victims are the elderly. Nearly 90 3-year-
Most of the elderly were killed or injured in the shooting. inflicted. —
The 15-year-old accidental shooting has surged again.
17. When victims are often shot and killed by other children, but usually when they survive
Shoot. —
They happen most often in children\'s homes where adults legally own pistols for themselvesprotection.
This is more likely during holidays such as weekends or Christmas. —
Southern states, including Alabama, Louis Anna, Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia, are among the highest rates of accidental shooting among minors per capita.
In the incident involving the accidental shooting of minors, more than 320 minors aged 17 and under and more than 30 adults were killed.
Nearly 700 children and 78 adults were injured. The U. S.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that 74 minors died from accidental discharge of firearms in 2014, the most recent year with comparable data.
Analysis by The Associated Press and USA Today showed that there were 113 cases in the year, and the federal government missed a third.
Although accidental shootings account for only a fraction of gun deaths in the United StatesS.
Gun safety advocates have long argued that gun safety is largely preventable and therefore prefer to call it unintentional shootings rather than accidents.
\"The severity of this problem is a bit shocking.
The degree of undercalculation is a bit shocking, \"said Lindsay Nichols, a lawyer at the San Francisco Center for gun violence prevention law.
\"A lot of it provides further evidence that this is a continuing and terrible pattern that requires more action.
Gun control advocates are calling for stricter laws that require guns to be locked and unloaded.
But supporters of gun rights believe that these measures make guns less useful in an emergency;
The National Rifle Association, citing CDC statistics, argued in a public statement that this number of deaths has fallen sharply in recent decades and that the possibility of children dying from gun accidents is \"one of the 1 million \".
Bob Anderson, head of mortality statistics at CDC\'s National Center for Health Statistics, said the statistics cited by the NRA underestimated the risk of firearms to American children.
He said he would not \"put money into this explanation.
He and his 2-year-
On January, my sister lived with her grandparents to give her a rest.
She gave birth to a baby girl a few months ago and needed to sleep.
It was a typical night.
After taking a shower, Bryson asked him if he could lie in bed with his sleeping grandfather.
His grandmother, Anna spober, agreed before sleeping on the living room sofa with the young girl.
A few hours later, when spober got up to pick up the blanket, she saw Bryson lying face down on the bedroom floor.
She thought he was asleep.
Then she noticed the lump on his head and she panicked when she saw the pistol she had hidden under the bed lying next to him.
He shot himself above his right eye.
Brighton\'s grandfather used a noisy ventilator, and he fell asleep in the shooting.
After the 911 emergency call, when Bryson\'s sister looks at it, the first aid crew will take him to the hospital by helicopter.
Soon a neurosurgeon will tell his mother that it is only a matter of time before the boy dies.
The bullet was shot directly into the back of his brain and shattered.
Anderson of _ CDC said that the lack of AP and USA Today Network records is \"important and important\", but it is not surprising.
He said the agency has long suspected that its statistics on accidental gun deaths are too low;
The agency tracks deaths caused by accidental discharge of firearms, but only those officially classified in this way by the coroner on the death certificate.
The coroner classified many of these deaths as killing because they could be in line with the definition of being killed by another person.
If the reason is not clear, they can also classify it as pending.
The Associated Press and USA Today network do not rely on the results of the coroner\'s investigation, but count the unexpected or unintentional shootings announced by the investigation agency.
These data are mainly from gun violence archives, where researchers track media, government and commercial sources and compile a comprehensive database of gun incidents.
The review also found some shooting incidents that had not been made public before.
The findings are consistent with previous studies by Everytown, a gun safety advocacy group created by former Mayor Michael Bloomberg of New York City for Gun Safety, which keeps a database of such shootings.
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, as many as 70% of accidental shootings can be avoided if parents lock their guns and separate them from ammunition, the group said.
Since the beginning of 2014, more than 80 children aged 4 and under have committed suicide by shooting. “That 3-to 5-year-
Old age groups, when they shoot, they look at the gun.
They point the barrel to themselves and the thumb is on the trigger, \"said David McKnight, sheriff of Marion County, Texas, who is investigating a 3-year-
The old man who committed suicide with his father\'s gun in July.
But children of every age, especially boys, seem to be attracted by guns. Last year, 4-year-
Old Cameron Price and his 6-year-
Old brother Ka\'Darius rides a bike outside the Levingston Motel in shifport, Anna state, where their family takes $30a-night room —
Their mother will later say everything they can afford.
They decided to go in and enter a room where several adult acquaintances of their parents had been smoking marijuana.
A gun sits outside, and ka \'Darius thinks it\'s chrome and black. 40-
The caliber pistol is a toy.
A gun rang.
Robert Price found his younger son in the bathroom in the next room and fell on the arm of the sofa after hearing a \"bang.
He took the toddler for his last breath and was taken to the hospital where he died.
Ka \'Darius later told the police that he \"pressed the bad button\" and he understood that his brother \"had a hole in his head\" and that he was going to the hospital and not going home.
The Caddo Parish District Attorney\'s office accused two people in the room of carrying weapons and drugs.
Both acknowledged that a convicted heavy criminal attempted to hold a gun.
A judge sentenced them to four years in August.
For children aged 10 and over, when a person manages to get a gun, these cases usually involve a group playing together. The AP-
According to the USA Today Network Research, the most vulnerable years are teenagers, especially those who have just reached the age when they can get a driver\'s license.
A shooting incident in Iowa earlier this year illustrates a more common type of accidental shooting.
It\'s a spring break Friday, and the University of Iowa Eagles have just won the NCAA championship with a buzzer --beater.
It\'s a thrill for basketball player senx Jacksonloving 15-year-
Old Cedar Rapids.
He relayed the news of the big win to his mother, who rested at an education testing company before the night shift.
High school freshmen returned to the living room to hang out with friends who spent a week with his brother Malik. One, a 17-year-
Old, brought a handgun, legally owned by a friend\'s mother, and recently disappeared from her home. A 13-year-
I always wanted to see the weapon and remove the clip.
He thought he had uninstalled and started playing.
\"Brother, I was hit,\" Senquez said . \".
The friend thought he was joking, but the gun was fired.
The bullet passed through the right side of the chest of sequés and pierced his lungs.
His mother, Tamara bloumendal, was awakened by Malik shouting, \"Mom, get up.
Senx was shot.
Bloemendaal recalled that he helped Senquez out of the recliner and watched him fall on the floor in a pool of blood.
She sat in an ambulance with the tall and handsome boy she called \"Chunks\" when she was a child.
He died in a few hours. The 13-year-
The old man confessed to manslaughter in the juvenile court and expressed remorse.
\"No one of them seems to have touched the gun before.
They were fascinated by it;
\"What does it look like, what does it feel like,\" said Jeremy elday, the boy\'s lawyer . \".
\"There was a round in the room.
He didn\'t know enough about guns and didn\'t know it was risky.
Gun safety advocates are urging a public-health approach, including more research by the federal government, public awareness and stricter state laws.
But the problem of lax gun storage is difficult to solve, partly because it is difficult to quantify, and the federal government stopped trying 12 years ago.
As part of an annual telephone survey, the CDC asked Americans if they had been carrying unlocked guns at home, which asked 400,000 adults about various health risks.
The researchers used these data to estimate,
There are 5 million children living in a house like this.
According to the level of gun ownership, the results of the states vary greatly.
But the CDC canceled the challenge in 2004.
State public health officials voted this year not to re-raise these questions in next year\'s investigation, in part because of political sensitivity in asking about gun ownership, which some see as a violation of privacy.
\"Some states don\'t think their governors will allow them to ask questions like this,\" said Iowa survey coordinator Donald Sheppard . \".
Gun control advocates say laws to prevent children from entering
In a book about twenty states
Act as a deterrent
In general, these laws allow prosecutors to make allegations against parents when children acquire guns and use them to harm themselves or others.
Supporters say a study by Florida law shows they can save lives if it is implemented properly.
This concept has been widely recognized by the public:
According to The Associated Press, more than 30 Americans support laws that hold adults criminally responsible for gun safety mistakes that endanger children.
GfK Public Opinion Survey July
But efforts to expand these laws have stalled in the face of opposition from NRA and other gun rights supporters.
Several states, including Missouri and Tennessee, this year introduced bills to create similar laws, but died without action.
NRA believes that more education and training should be a solution, not more law and prosecution.
NRA improves safety through its Eddie Eagle gun safety program, which warns children not to touch any guns they encounter and tells adults.
Critics question the validity of this message, pointing out that academic research suggests that curious children will pick up loose guns even when told. ___Bryson Mees-
Hernan\'s grandfather bought the gun and another gun from his father in California the year before.
The boy\'s grandmother put them by the bed because she was often at home alone and was having trouble moving due to back problems, and after reading the local rest she was worried about her safety --Ins on Facebook
The guns were kept in a box that was used to ship them back to Texas by plane, which Anna spober thought would keep them away from children.
But Bryson was able to open the side of the box and reach out and grab the gun.
\"I thought it was safe, but I was wrong.
My grandson is gone.
It happened when I looked at him, and I let him down, \"said spober in tears.
\"I don\'t want anyone to go through this.
It\'s terrible.
\"The grand jury refused to make a charge against spober, but Cristo Mez blamed the boy\'s death on her mother, stopped talking to her, and stopped taking her two children around.
She said she had warned her not to let the child take the gun.
She plans to push a \"Brighton law\" in Texas so that prosecutors can make it easier to file charges against adults who allow children to get guns.
Both women attended the funeral, where relatives dressed up as Bryson\'s beloved Avengers, whose spirit casket was themed on iron.
He was buried with Lego toys, toy cars and his grandfather\'s favorite cologne.
Larry Finn is a data reporter for The Associated Press.
In the editor\'s notes, follow Ryan Foley and Nick pencenstadler as part of a partnership between The Associated Press and USA Today Network on issues related to gun violence in the United States.
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