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All kinds of permanent magnet material maximum magnetic energy product ( BH) Max is introduced

by:Newland     2020-03-22
Magnet maximum magnetic energy product, simply speaking, is to give the magnet in numerical integrated providing all aspects of evaluation value, a magnet magnetic energy product, the greater the shows that the better the performance of various aspects of the magnets, like samarium cobalt permanent magnet maximum magnetic energy product can reach 35 mgoe, theory of ndfeb permanent magnet is 64 mgoe maximum magnetic energy product. Like we usually buy in ndfeb N35 magnets, magnet, N40 35 or 40 representatives is one of its biggest magnetic energy product, N35 ndfeb material maximum magnetic energy product of about 35 mgoe; Maximum magnetic energy product of about 40 mgoe N40 material around. MGOe and conversion of kA/m3 is 1 MGOe material 7. 96kJ/m3。 Approximately equal to 8. The image below for all kinds of permanent magnet maximum magnetic energy product ( BH) Max image is introduced, it contains sintered ndfeb, bonded ndfeb, sintering samarium cobalt, sintered ferrite, injection ferrite, aluminum nickel and cobalt in the maximum magnetic energy product parameters, contrast figure. Dongguan Ricky magnet card manufacturer's production and management all kinds of permanent magnetic materials, such as rare earth ndfeb permanent magnets, magnetic ferrite magnets, bonded ndfeb magnets, injection ndfeb, etc. Samples of magnets, the magnet latest quotation, welcome to telephone counseling. With the similar article editor recommend; Magnetic ferrite, plastic injection, sintered ndfeb, bonded ndfeb density of each?
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