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All kinds of hole countersunk magnets are all here together, welcome Mr. Kind inquiry

by:Newland     2020-04-14
Countersunk hole powerful magnets, often need to cooperate with other components for combination or fixed, so we need a magnet sink hole. Recommended reading introduced before the why square sink hole magnet so popular? Square sink hole magnet advantage introduction to small make up to sort out some of the sink hole magnet photos, for reference only, welcome to order. Below for some 30 countersunk hole magnet specification table diameter, the thickness of 5, sink hole 6. 5 mm 20 x3mm - strong magnet M4 magnets as you have countersunk head with sink hole hole magnets, ndfeb magnet requirements, punching welcome contact xiaofu: 13602300940 QQ: 2355933625 articles related countersunk hole magnet; Ndfeb magnet countersunk hole is introduced, countersunk hole magnet 2 d drawings
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