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Alien ndfeb magnet can make touch screen have feedback function

by:Newland     2020-05-04
A, special-shaped ndfeb magnet is designed for the specific product requirements of the magnet magnet has become promote the development of high and new technology and modern civilization irreplaceable materials, development prospect is optimistic. Especially the abnormity motor magnetic tile, develop faster. Combined with metal and rare element mineral deposits are very abundant in our country, with rich raw material resources and natural advantages. Abnormity of the magnet is designed for special product requirements of magnets, abnormity is relative to the standard of the magnet, abnormity of the most widely used for ferrite magnetic material, rubidium iron boron. Such as stator magnetic tile micromotor is alien magnetic materials. Magnets should be far from easy to be magnetized items, such as floppy disks, credit CARDS, computer monitors, watches, mobile phones, medical equipment, etc. The magnet should be far away from the cardiac pacemaker. Larger size magnets, each piece should be added between the plastic or cardboard gasket in place to ensure that can easily separate magnet. , abnormity ndfeb magnets, can let the touch screen have feedback function abnormity magnet tell you that under the touch screen, the place for profiled magnets, at the same time you need to wear a patch on your fingers. Its principle is very simple, actually is the use of magnetic attraction repellent to tactile feedback. Although the wear patch seem a bit troublesome, but thanks to this, it can realize more control. At the time of operation, your fingers can slide along the given trajectory, and locking in a particular area, without worrying about beyond the scope of beyond words will feel reverse force. Profiled magnets can realize you haven't touch screen has felt force feedback, which makes the manipulation of those multimedia playback function, you don't have to staring at the screen, because there is a suction leads you. Of course, this technology from commercialization is still a long way to go, the first is how to realize the miniaturization of the magnet, so as to adapt to the size of a mobile phone screen now.
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