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alibaba will help curb export of recalled items

by:Newland     2019-11-14
Alibaba in China e-commerce
American business companies have new partners in eliminating products that are considered unsafe for American consumers, but such cooperation may also cause more trouble.
The company, which was listed in New York in September, is working with US government agencies to prevent its online platform from exporting recalled goods to the United States.
The deal could have the biggest impact on Alibaba\'s business. to-
Commercial website, selling goods made by Chinese manufacturers to US importers and enterprises.
The Consumer Product Safety Board said it would provide Alibaba with a list of recalled items, and, in turn, said it would ensure that the products would not be sold to companies or individuals in the United States.
Alibaba has a small business that facilitates the sale of goods to American consumers.
Committee chairman Elliot F.
Kaye cited a high recall last year.
In the United States, electric magnets are sold as toys and point out that some companies on Alibaba\'s website have recently sold magnets wholesale. Mr.
Kaye said the new cooperation will help ensure the listing of dangerous items such as magnets
Because in many cases children take these foods and often require surgery, they are recalled
It is no longer imported by small American companies.
The partnership is a test for Alibaba, though it has taken steps to clean up its e-commerce
The commercial website retains the reputation of selling almost any product-
Brand, fake or occasionally dangerous
This is also a risk.
If the company fails to meet its commitments,
Kai said the committee would not hesitate to put pressure on the company.
Although Alibaba said last month that in 2013 and 0. 16 billion, it spent about $2014 to crack down on fake sales on the site, many companies complained that Alibaba could be slow in reducing the availability of pirated goods.
Others point out that the deleted list usually reappears quickly with a different name.
\"We will definitely put their feet on the fire,\" said Mr.
Kaye said at the Hong Kong Toys and Games Fair on Tuesday. Mr.
Kaye said the agency will start with a list of 5 to 15 products that regulators prioritize and then expand it.
He said the committee approached Alibaba about two years ago for the first time on cooperation matters, and the project is expected to be dismantled within a few hours.
\"We are not a very patient person and if this does not happen soon, they will hear from us,\" he said . \" He also said he hopes to build an automation system. The good-
The agreement of faith raises more complex cross-cutting issues.
Border Internet regulations.
In recent years, China has been trying to push the United States to accept the idea that Internet companies operating in different countries abide by the rules and laws of their own countries.
Countries like China have asked US companies to review content, or provide private user data to their governments, in order to maintain compliance with their laws.
Under such circumstances, Alibaba has agreed to respect American law.
He discussed potential concerns about setting a precedent for internet regulation.
Kaye said, \"From my point of view, this will produce enough known benefits and we will try to improve those if we find unfortunate side effects.
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