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alex jeffreys super product

by:Newland     2019-09-23
I never ask for a refund unless I feel cheated.
Well, I made a personal record for asking for a refund.
It seems that the most important part of Internet marketing is to write an interesting sales letter and then want buyers not to ask for a refund.
This sales letter sends out the usual \"anyone can do this\" and so on.
No, no one can do that.
Jeffrey\'s \"super product\" includes a recorded telephone interview with experts in a specific field, and then an interview will be sold as an information product.
Does this sound like something \"anyone\" can do?
Telephone interviews require a special set of skills designed to be sold to potential buyers with discerning abilities.
If you think you have this skill, do it.
Jeffreys offers a lot of material to help you.
But this is not the success of the average Internet marketer.
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