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after two-year fight, consumer agency orders recall of buckyballs

by:Newland     2019-11-15
After a two-
This year, the Consumer Product Safety Board officially recalled the toy in an effort to get pirates out of the market.
There will be six consumers
A one-month window to apply for a refund for the purchase of a small powerful magnetic stacked ball.
The refund will be made by Craig Zock\'s former head, Mark sfield, and the Oberton group, to make the croquet. Mr.
In product recall cases, Zucker\'s personal responsibility is novel and often does not name individual company officials. Lawyers for Mr.
Zucker objected to the decision to name him himself, arguing that he might end up with a cost of about $57 million in connection with the recall.
But the commission says as part of a recall deal reached in May
Zucker will be required to pay consumers a refund of up to $375,000.
Refund requests that consumers can submit online will not be met once the funds are exhausted.
The Commission has been trying to force Maxfield & Oberton to recall the product since 2012, arguing that
Strong magnets are dangerous for children. Made of rare-
Earth elements, the ball is much stronger than most magnets, so there may be greater danger if swallowed up.
The committee failed to indicate how many children were injured by toys, but it estimated that 1,700 children were injured during the period 2009-2011
Powerful magnets including buc balls.
\"Unfortunately, it took two years to get there,\" said commission spokesman Scott Wolfson . \".
\"This is a very serious problem and a problem with serious consequences.
A spokeswoman for him
Zucker declined to comment on Thursday\'s statement, but noted the previous statement.
\"After nearly two years of fighting, I finally got this case, which is very good . \"
Zucker said in a statement after the settlement was reached.
On 2012, the Security Council filed an administrative lawsuit requesting Maxfield to recall Buckyballs and related products Buckycubes and to refund customers.
The company countered that the products came with a warning that the balls were not safe for children.
A few months later, when the company closed down, the Commission appointed Mr.
As the defendant in the recall.
Although this move is unusual, it is not clear whether it will set a precedent. Mr.
Wolfson said the situation in the Buckyballs case is unique, indicating that the agency \"will use all of its enforcement tools \".
\"C. Whether there is still to be seen. P. S. C.
This positive approach will be taken in the future, \"said Nora F.
Enstrom is an associate professor at Stanford University.
\"This is-
Reaction to special circumstances, or is this a new powerful C weaponP. S. C. ’s arsenal?
\"Last year, six companies, including the features of Barnes & Noble and Brooks, sent out the goal of voluntary withdrawal.
But the Commission is still trying to get Maxfield & Oberton to recall products sold elsewhere.
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