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after sandy hook kid massacre, guns easier than ever to get

by:Newland     2019-09-14
In 2012 killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, a young man with mental problems killed 26 children and teachers, which became the slogan of a gun rally --
Control advocates across the country.
But after three years, many states have moved in the opposite direction, embracing the National Rifle Association\'s principle that more \"good people with guns\" are needed to stop mass shootings.
Only three states. -
New York, Maryland and Connecticut-
After 2012 mass shootings, any legislation restricting gun purchases was enacted.
Many people, if not most, go in another direction.
Can we beat a terrorist attack with gun control?
In Kansas, gun owners can now carry concealed weapons without a license.
In Texas, those with permits will soon be able to openly carry weapons in holsters and bring hidden weapons into some university classrooms.
In Arkansas, gun enthusiasts may carry weapons into polling stations when they vote for president next year.
Hot news center zone climate change documentary Trump derogatory Twitter David Ortiz is discharged from Moscow protesting dozens of new state laws make it easier to get guns and carry them in more public places local government enacted restrictions, according to The Associated Press review of national legislation.
The data shows that the number of guns manufactured and sold and the number of licenses carrying concealed weapons have also increased.
This trend has been frustrating for some guns
Control advocates, despite stricter background checks taken by other countries. Other gun-
Supporters of control say every town has recently risen for gun safety and their actions have become bolder
The fund, backed by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, is increasingly influential in some state parliaments.
Joe Manchin: \"This is not gun control. It’s gun sense.
\"The debate on gun rights moved to states after Congress vetoed a bill in 2013, which will expand background checks on all gun sales, including gun exhibitions and gun sales on the Internet.
With the legislature meeting after a mass shooting of county government employees in San Bernardino, California, the debate is expected to intensify next year, which was investigated as a terrorist act.
The recent mass shooting at a family planning clinic in Colorado, a community college in Oregon and a church in South Carolina has reignited the passion.
\"Most of our churches are open,\" said Republican Senator Mississippi . \".
Andy Gibson plans to introduce a bill next year that will allow the congregation to designate people who can carry guns. The pro-
Gun legislation reflects public awareness of \"guns-
The free zone is a magnet for bad guys, \"said David Copel, an expert on gun policy at the independent Institute of the Colorado liberal think tank.
He said that the concept was not popular after 1999 shootings at corumbyn High School in Colorado, but since then the frequency of mass shootings has led people to have well-trained laws.
Law-abiding gunmen are more attractive.
\"We \'ve gone from \'You can\'t even speak out\' to an average distribution problem, Pro.
\"Guns have an advantage in this,\" he said . \".
\"I expect that we will see sustained progress in this area in the coming year.
Even before December.
At the office holiday party in San Bernardino, there was an upward trend in shootings, gun purchases and permit applications.
The day after Thanksgiving this yearS.
Gun sales close to single-day record.
More than 185,000 federal background checks were launched, the most of which was in 17-
According to the FBI, the project has a year\'s history.
After the shooting in San Bernardino, gun stocks surged, \"everyone is flooded,\" said Mike Conway, a salesman at Bullseye Sport, Riverside, California,
\"Many for the first timetime buyers.
Many people realize that they must be responsible for their own safety.
\"From 2007 to 2014, the number of people concealed --
In the United States, the license to carry a pistol has nearly tripled from four. 7 million to 12.
8 million, according to a recent report from the Crime Prevention Research Centre, the team\'s research is often cited by firearms
Rights Supporters
At the same time, some states have passed laws protecting the identity of license holders to protect privacy and prevent potential harassment.
States such as Indiana and Mississippi did not restrict access to guns after Sandy Hook, but passed laws to strengthen police presence at school.
Kansas has passed a law that allows people to carry concealed weapons in many public buildings.
States like Georgia and Arkansas allow weapons to be hidden in bars and churches.
Tennessee has made it clear that permit holders can carry concealed weapons in vehicles and parks.
A number of countries have also passed reciprocal agreements recognizing gun licenses approved by other countries, reducing licensing fees and easing requirements.
Wisconsin, for example, eliminated a 48-
It takes an hour to buy a pistol.
And then there\'s a new law to stop guns.
Control measures.
States prohibit authorities from seizing firearms in emergency situations, from using taxpayer funds to buy government guns, and from destroying firearms seized by law enforcement.
Some Republicans
Pre-control status-
By declaring it a national thing, local governments are deprived of the ability to pass stricter gun laws.
Newtown family sued President John feinblatter of each town of assault rifle manufacturers, saying that when the NRA had few objections in the State Council, many measures to expand gun rights had
He said his team has successfully opposed bills in several states this year that allow concealed weapons to be carried on university campuses and allow people to carry weapons without permission
Feinblatter said that since Sandy Hook, six states have expanded their background checks, and two other such measures are expected to be voted statewide next year in Nevada and Maine.
He added that his team is not concerned about how many guns there are, but rather wants to set rules to ensure that they are not sold or transferred to criminals and the mentally ill.
\"If more responsible gun owners want more guns and they are doing it in the right way, it will not affect public safety,\" he said . \".
Eric Flagler, a doctor at Boston Children\'s Hospital who studies gun law in the state, said he was concerned that the expansion of gun rights could lead to more battles escalating into deadly confrontations and more suicides, more children died in gun accidents.
\"In a country with 0. 33 billion people and 0. 31 billion guns, the problem is that we don\'t have enough guns, which doesn\'t seem to have much weight,\" he said.
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