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Adhesive ndfeb manufacturers to teach you how to identify quadrupole adhesive ndfeb

by:Newland     2020-05-05
First small make up to introduce the introduction of the third generation of rare earth materials bonded ndfeb magnet ndfeb tell from the production process can be divided for sintering process and bonding process, the application of sintered ndfeb magnet is difficult to accurately set size. Now customers in the production, the product is the smaller size requirements, high precision, the shape is also a variety of requirements, a variety of heterotypic has appeared. But bonded ndfeb technology can solve the above problems, with the advantages, can manufacture all kinds of various shapes, widely used in various industries, as now almost always used in small power motor of bonded ndfeb permanent magnets for magnetic devices. Bonded ndfeb permanent magnet material is widely applied in various industries and fields can now and welcome, craft is crucial, the performance of the adhesive ndfeb manufacturers in order to make the magnet can achieve a higher level, improve the bonding process, the experts continuous research and development has achieved very good results. Tell from the bonded ndfeb production process is divided into, compressive two roughly divided into flour and stage. Bond ndfeb magnetic powder manufacturing method can be divided into fast quenching, gas atomization, mechanical alloying, etc. Bond is mainly of nd-fe-b powder and binder, special glue is magnet, other additives according to the proportion of mixture, and then according to suppress, extrusion, calendering, injection molding, such as method, according to the regulations of the customer the shape of the production of molding. But please pay attention to different methods of bonding technology has a different effect. Adhesive ndfeb manufacturers think, CSNS/RCS quadrupole adhesive ndfeb prototype structure complex, technology difficulty is very large, the vibration of the iron core and coil and the eddy current problems are difficult technical challenges, research and development for the first time in China is made. Magnet expert group through the design and the magnet enterprises work together to solve a lot of key technical challenge important magnet, structure technology has reached the leading level in the domestic. While the CSNS/RCS quadrupole magnet magnetic field measurement system is the first set of ac, dc can be realized in the field of national accelerator quadrupole magnet magnetic field measuring device. The magnetic measurement system by using the virtual technology, digital technology and ac/dc magnetic field measurement technology and unique manufacturing process of measuring coil is in the leading position in China. Quadrupole adhesive ndfeb magnetic field measurement system prototype pre-research project, is composed of accelerator centre magnet set developed independently. The magnetic field measurement system includes a set of large radius of coil rotation and its data collection and processing system, realized the ac and dc magnetic field measurement on the function, after a long run, the system stability, repeatability of measurement of the key technical indicators meet or exceed the design requirements, using the system successfully completed the CSNS/RCS prototype quadrupole magnet magnetic field measurement.
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