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ac generator - pwm controller

by:Newland     2019-08-25
AC generator with 3v DC motor PWM controller, nd ball 13mm (rotor), coil iron-less (stator )
, 12 v batterya science toolbar item: Motor 230 v ac (
Microwave oven, inside A4 layer Press)
Nd magnet sphere with diameter 13mm, N42 chromium-
Electroplating, about strength. 2.
9 kg electric car toy with plastic housing with 3v DC motor, power switch and plastic connector.
Pot nd magnet with threaded rod, threaded M3, diameter 13mm, strength about 3.
Metal-5 kg wire
230 V led light bulb 3 w plastic mini building kit
9 W e27 and e27 sockets (
For this project I used 7w led bulb with 230 V
12 V battery rubber bandPWM controller remove iron-
Less coils for Stncronous motor ac 230 V (
A4 layer press and microwave oven)-
Thread 13mm can be used with only a coil (
Just need the metal box)
Remove the 3v DC motor, plastic connector and power switch from the electric vehicle toy to connect the metal case (
Ex pot magnet 13mm)
Through the plastic connector of the 3v DC motor ax, fix the nd sphere between the poles on the metal shell (
Ex pot magnet 13mm)-
Now the rotating system of the generator is complete.
Support for building small generators using rubber bands and metal
Mini plastic construction kit (
Fix the rotating system and the stator image in the small generator details in the image)
Connect the PWM controller to the 12v battery, then connect the wire of the PWM output to the 3v DC motor, connect the wire of the output coil to the E27 Socket/socket important: fix the new dymyum sphere between the two poles on the pot metal shell 13mm (
Identify pole with small metal)
Do not use metal parts near the nd sphere, it will work like a brake.
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