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Newland started as a Magnet Manufacturer in 2003. With the fast growing of the company, we rapidly expanded into other Product lines recently. Now we are not only a Manufacturer, but also a Professional Magnetic Solution Provider. We focus on industry and customer's needs research and analysis, and provide Product Solution to assist our customers to turn a product concept into reality, diversify their product line, and improve their core competitive. We are currently specializing in serving the industries including Permanent Magnets, Magnetic Assemblies, Gifts & Toys and Promotional Industries etc.




Newland was founded in 2003 by Frank Wang whose dream was to operate a CNC machine when he studied at university major in Mechanics, with the great passion in industry area and addicted to metals & machines, finally his dream come true in half, Newland occurred. Starting from several workers, simple workshop to nowadays almost 200 staffs enterprise under Frank’s leading.
Another half dream now is in effort.



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