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About the powerful magnet magnetic problem is introduced

by:Newland     2020-04-29
Powerful magnet magnetic circuit planning a task, is marching magnetic air gap flux density as much as possible. Travel general current density match circuit is simple, need to change wire cross-sectional area. The smaller the cross section, the higher the current density, magnetic circuit is not so lunch, in addition to the rare condition, the lines of magnetic force no matter cannot penetrate. Just magnetizer and without the magnetic conductor ( At least not at room temperature, it was just a matter of superconducting material is unique magnetic in the superconducting state, but the application of magnetic circuit how much appearance changes, the proper placement of permanent magnets and magnetic conductor, is still able to travel the air gap magnetic flux density. Travel homework air-gap magnetic flux density of the criterion is the same, opposites attract. Assembled magnetic method mainly include: changes of the magnetic circuit section, to prevent the lines of magnetic force each other aerial magnetic pole of permanent magnet area, regular contact between the length and crack magnet is cylindrical, circular, its diameter, thickness and the deposit must contact between magnetic function, permanent magnet magnetization is a volume flow rate, has talked about before, and magnetic flux density and area. Is an area of quantity, Φ for magnetic flux, the unit is webber ( Wb) Lou for flux through the positive area. Follow the travel of the permanent magnet coercive force data, reply regrets conductivity mu land or near the air permeability I. Such reluctance of the permanent magnet itself is not negligible, so that the length of the permanent magnet in magnetizing direction shoulds not be too long. Back: to understand how the commonly used magnetic chuck application page: about the magnet is divided into what kind of
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