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About the magnets attract principle problem

by:Newland     2020-04-28
Be determined by the properties of magnets, if explaining the atomic electric current, the current fields of magnetization magnetization object to another object, and the interaction between electric field and electric field to generate power. Material is mainly composed of molecules, and molecules made of atoms, atom is composed of atomic nuclei and electrons. From inside the atom, the electron and revolve around the nucleus. These two movement produces magnetic electrons. However, in most materials, electronic movement direction is different and disorderly, and the magnetic cancel each other out. As a result, most will not show the magnetic material in normal conditions. The ferromagnetic material such as iron, cobalt, nickel or ferrite is different. Internal electronic spin can spontaneously in a small scale is arranged to form a spontaneous magnetization area. The spontaneous magnetization area called magnetic domain. After the ferromagnetic material is magnetized, internal magnetic domain are neatly arranged and arranged in the same direction to increase magnetic, forming a magnet. The magnet is magnetized iron absorption process of magnets. Iron and magnet magnetized in a different polarity attraction, and iron firmly clung to the magnet. We say that the magnet is magnetic. Magnets can pick up objects associated with the permeability of adsorption objects, and permeability is related to the magnetic domain. Nickel in various elements of nature, with the highest permeability, and then the cobalt, again is iron, copper and other materials also have certain permeability, but is very low, so we can't feel, no iron things can be a magnet to absorb, stainless steel belongs to the iron base alloy. Add chromium and nickel, such as 1 cr13, add Cr, 310 stainless steel, Cr25Ni20Si2, add Cr and Ni and Si, and 304 stainless steel adding Cr, Ni, Ti, etc. , which changed the original domain. Incidentally, permeability decreased, even if our hands also did not feel, so we don't feel too. According to the principle of the same, we can also use the alloy to produce alloy with very high magnetic permeability. Previous page: about the difference between permanent magnetic material and soft magnetic materials. 。 。 The next page: use a magnet to attract to judge is not scientific
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