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About the magnet is divided into what kind of

by:Newland     2020-04-29
We usually understand the magnet is an object with each other and absorb each other. Magnet is composed by iron, nickel, cobalt, itself has the magnetic spacing, internal structure according to the same direction, North Pole at one end ( N pole) At one end (at the South Pole S very) 。 So there are many objects in the nature why no magnetic? Because of iron, nickel, cobalt in the magnetic material is different, the electron can be spontaneous direction divergence is arranged inside a, make a magnet magnetic enhancement. Magnet iron absorption process on the iron absorption capacity, magnets and iron & quot; Sticky & quot; In together, we said magnet has a magnetic, which is a magnet to absorb iron to aluminum, copper objects, such as the internal structure of different metal is not the same. Magnetic induction intensity unit is: tesla, referred to as '( T) 。 Magnet is divided into: permanent magnets with the permanent magnets, magnet is eternity can insist for a long time and less prone to magnetic field loss of natural products, such as magnetite. The magnet needs certain conditions for talents to present magnetic, such as the electromagnet. Magnet development process: 1000 years ago Chinese friction with iron bars and magnet magnetized, produced the world's first compass. About 1100 Chinese applied magnet needle and bearing plate even in together, make the magnet type guide device, used for navigation. In 1820, the Danish physicist found current induced magnetic. Japan 30 s found nickel, aluminum, cobalt mixed elements of the new magnet. In Japan in the 70 s scientists created the neodymium magnets, this new magnet for & quot; 5000 years ago people found the natural magnet. Previous page: about powerful magnet magnetism gathering is introduced on the next page: control of ndfeb strong magnetic quality details
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