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About the introduction of magnetic hook

by:Newland     2020-05-03
Magnetic hook, (hereinafter referred to as 'magnetic hook' by the iron shell Or other material) And the magnetic circuit of magnetic steel export strong magnetic force. Embedding magnetic steel shell - lower iron bowl Use glue rules are centered magnetic steel bonding with location within the iron bowl, spend hours hours after curing, using tensiometer test whether meet customer requirements. This hook has simple structure, convenient installation and use, the size of the hook according to actual, its bearing capacity is big, has the important practical value. Magnetic hooks are widely used in industrial, medical and living fields. The characteristics of the magnetic link is as follows: 1, the magnetic force strong, small size; 2, strong magnetic only focused on one side, the other three sides almost no magnetic; Magnet is not easy to fracture; Magnets built into the magnetic force is equal to the same volume of times; 3, free to holding or movement in the iron metal surface; 4, permanent magnetic force, long service life.
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