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About the difference between permanent magnetic material and soft magnetic material

by:Newland     2020-04-28
Permanent magnetic and soft magnetic data about magnets, a lot of people are not very clear. Today, the magnet manufacturers to introduce their role in the permanent magnet motor. Permanent magnetism data is the first discovery and use of the magnetic data, such as the ancient Chinese compass. Permanent magnetic data, also known as soft magnetic data, also known as hard magnetic data. Refers to the magnetization by external magnetic field of the magnetic properties of hard magnetic data can be preserved for a long time, and has the characteristics of high coercive force. Coercive force is through the magnetization in the future will reduce to zero magnetic data of the magnetic field strength. Soft magnetic data is a simple demagnetization namely simple magnetic field and magnetic material of low coercive force. With the continuous development of the magnetic field, demagnetization refers to the magnetic field by magnetization of the magnetic field ( Will be magnetized, and added in contrast to the magnetic field of magnetic field to reduce the magnetic field) 。 In science and technology, the kinds of permanent magnetic data is not much, use is very wide also, the commonly used permanent magnet data is mainly ferrite permanent magnet, rare earth permanent magnet data, metal permanent magnetic data, etc. There are many different kinds of soft magnetic data, the application is very wide also, common soft magnetic materials mainly include iron silicon soft magnetic materials, soft magnetic iron nickel alloy. Ferrite soft magnetic materials, etc. ; First, it has high stability, high magnetic flux density and high intensity of magnetization, high permeability, low magnetic loss and electricity loss, low COE, resistivity, etc. Back: the more you know about the use of ndfeb magnet. 。 。 The next page: tell about magnets attract principle problem
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