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About the application of the ndfeb strong magnet common problems

by:Newland     2020-04-07
City magnetic technology co. , LTD. Sales under the project introduction for us is a common problem about the application of the ndfeb strong magnet. Ndfeb strong magnet in the application process shall ensure that work place clean, prevent iron pieces and other small metal impurity adsorption on the surface of ndfeb strong magnet to influence the normal application of the products. Ndfeb strong magnet for store in dry indoor ventilation air, acid, alkaline, organic solvents, water, heat and humidity of the indoor environment are easy to rust corrosion to occur in the powerful magnets, magnets plating coating fall off of the magnet powder and demagnetization. In view of the magnet should pay special attention to not plating, when stored appropriate oil and antirust processing, this is also our proposed ndfeb strong magnet surface anti-corrosion treatment of the key reasons. Should be placed strong magnet note from disk, magnetic card, tape, computer monitors, watches is more sensitive to magnetic field, the heart pacemakers and other electronic devices medical equipment should be far away from, otherwise very dangerous. Ndfeb strong magnet material of hard and brittle, in the logistics transportation, install the operating process, should guarantee the magnet is not strong collision, if improper way, very easy to cause the damage of the magnet, fracture. Magnets in the magnetic state logistics transportation shall be shielded, especially air freight must be completely blocked. Actual operation must be careful when assembling each extract, prevent damage of opposites attract knock against, to prevent the splash of magnets and impact debris into his eyes, and harm the human body. Because the magnetism of ndfeb magnet is very strong, practical operation should avoid hand or other parts of the body is the magnet clip, for excessive physical dimension of magnets more should pay attention to the personal safety and protection. Magnetic strong powerful magnets ( Ndfeb, samarium cobalt) Don't with weak magnetic magnet ( Aluminum nickel and cobalt and ferrite) Together, especially can not reverse polarity, or poor magnetic magnet demagnetization easily. A: on the classification of the magnet: next article magnet manufacturer about the recent rare earth prices
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