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About dc motor magnetic tile glue varieties used together

by:Newland     2020-03-16
Many people for advice on what glue magnetic tile glue? Dongguan card below Ricky powerful magnet manufacturer compiled about net friend recommended used glue stick motor magnetic tile, hope to help you! 1, anaerobic adhesive, anaerobic adhesive is good ah, don't need to be heated. 2, 326 is used for glue stick motor magnetic tile adhesive, belong to high temperature epoxy glue, 180 ° bake for 5 minutes. 3、JL - Structure glue JL - 6236 6236 structural adhesive for bonding rigid materials, such as stick ferrite on the electroplating metal parts of the motor or the speaker components, also suitable for motor magnetic steel adhesive. PS: if only the pursuit of adhesive fastness, good choice of the epoxy resin, single and double component can be, different manufacturers will be different, there are also many manufacturers of one-component adhesive effect is also very good. If you're looking for adhesive fastness at the same time hope that the beauty of appearance, then choose shadowless glue, sticky shadowless glue now used in ceramic phase of fastness also reached a high intensity, although with epoxy than is almost. That is about magnetic tile use what glue stick? Dc motor stick glue used in magnetic tile breed together, hope you can help friends in search magnetic tile glue stick. Guess you like related articles; Magnetic steel glue stick motor which better? Magnetic tile related products: dc motor magnetic tile ndfeb tiles
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