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a yukon trapper shot an attacking grizzly bear — then discovered it had apparently already killed his family

by:Newland     2019-11-01
On Tuesday afternoon, Gjermund Roesholt returned from the Yukon of Canada to inspect his fur traps and found himself on the path of an aggressive, aggressive grizzly bear.
For the Norwegian, this confrontation is just the beginning of a day of terror. born trapper.
His family-his partner, Valery Taylor, and their 10 --month-
Adele Ross Holt, the old baby spent the fall in a cold and sparsely populated area 500 miles east of Anchorage, Alaska, capturing around Lake ayinlason
Friends told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that they bought trapline three years ago.
And plan to spend as much time as possible in beautiful remote areas and live on this land.
Take the time to do a balancing act because he is also the sixth
A French immersion teacher in Whitehorse 250 miles away.
But then baby Adele came, and Tott took maternity leave, giving the little family the chance to pursue their passion in the Canadian jungle.
The 37-year-old Roesholt runs a company called \"wild footprints\" to provide guidance to those who are interested in hunting, fishing and trapping.
His Instagram page is something other than Field & Stream magazine.
It shows that he holds fish and sells goods in the Yukon fur market.
He will trap the animals and he will make some fur into crafts: Children\'s booties, adult gloves and heart-shaped gloves --
Refrigerator magnet who will buy shape.
In a photo taken at the market, Roesholt is near a table full of fur for sale, near a stroller with his arm around théort.
Friends tell the news agency that the danger of their survival in a region where bears and wolves live is obvious, but Roesholt and théort are experienced Bush people.
Ross Holt has a gun.
The Yukon coroner\'s office said in a press release that when the bear was indicted on Tuesday, Rosholt was \"forced to shoot and kill the bear\", less than a football field from the family cottage.
He almost got home when he found the body.
His partner and daughter were wounded and killed by the same grizzly bear.
Roesholt launched an emergency on-site alert, a lighthouse used by people in remote areas to alert authorities and loved ones when they are in danger.
Investigators who arrived shortly later believed that the mother and daughter had gone out for a walk between 10. m. and 3 p. m.
The press conference said.
They may have met the same bear but failed to return to the cabin in time.
\"This is a huge blow.
Everyone is now completely destroyed, \"Remi Bo, a friend who heard the details of the incident from another friend who received an urgent message, told the CBC.
In the Yukon, the catcher has a series of traps known as the \"line\" and usually walks or snowmobiles from place to place.
It is a source of income and a way of life for outdoor activists, a lifestyle that has only changed slowly for centuries.
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation
In 2016, it was reported that there were about 360 active railways in the Yukon.
The couple seemed to enjoy the lifestyle, though they had been exploring it all the time.
The couple\'s Facebook page was filled with photos of them outdoors in the snow field-Roesholt reclined on the top of the mountain, grinning as she was holding a small fish.
They also shared amazing photos of the northern lands that have become their home, full of rushing rivers, towering evergreen trees and snow
Capped Mountains
But this year, the photos began to show other things they loved.
In a photo uploaded by thoret on Facebook, the baby\'s feet are buried in the sand.
In another game, théor t has 5-week-
Old Adele wrapped in a blanket
A friend said, \"What a wonderful thing you have brought to the world . \" He congratulated the family on the slight increase.
\"Thank you,\" he said. “So satisfied.
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