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A trade war on the influence of strong magnetic market

by:Newland     2020-03-26
Recent strong magnetic scrap prices is the change of the roller coaster, appeared calm on the last day of the week. Article reported that at the beginning of last week's short pass strong magnetic market price is 82 yuan/kg, in front of the price of the last day of the weekend and May Day, is 81 yuan/kg, and this week, waste electrical dismantling business offer also has been flat, but today, short article pass strong magnetic market price back to 82 yuan/kg, but in the overall market clinch a deal the atmosphere under the condition of light, a rise in the price that must be a good thing. Waste, according to the waste magnetic collector to reflect recent magnetic volume has been relatively light, strong magnetic scrap market volume was light, one is to circulate on the market supply of goods is too little, the second is merchants hand goods, also is the price is too low, businesses don't want to sell in stock. Today morning, magnetic waste recycler in shandong district, said although the short article today 1 yuan/kg price increase, but the goods is still not optimistic, and the raw material market situation unclear, partial businessman pessimistic mentality, to pass strong magnetic afternoon said don't look good. This week has been hotly debated topic should be sino-us trade war between the two countries, the United States announced the $200 billion Chinese imports imposing tariffs from 10% to 25%, China also introduced the corresponding countermeasures. Trade war on waste materials for the influence of strong magnetic market dates back to the market, rare earth, while China is the world's largest supplier of rare earth, rare earth is mainly of China's export, although the taxes on some rare earth terminal products in the list, but the impact is not big. Market there is no law, ups and downs is normal, as the saying goes, killed the camel is probably the last small straw, under the condition of the whole big market situation is not optimistic, we can do is to careful operation, more wait-and-see, stay calm. The paper material is derived from the ferroalloy observer mission, rare earth metal by Ricky magnet card xiaofu finishing editing. More about trade war; A trade war reversed transmission China's rare earth control, permanent magnet materials prices is inevitable
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