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A strong magnet is how to punch?

by:Newland     2020-04-11
Powerful magnets can drill? The answer is to be able to. City magnet factory specializing in the production of various types of special-shaped strong magnets, ndfeb strong magnet, punching powerful magnets, countersunk hole lodestone, high precision hole countersunk magnets. If powerful magnets have magnetic, usually in ndfeb is given priority to, with a high temperature demagnetization under the professional machine, then use milling cutter with low speed drilling, such as the exterior of the finished magnet size to make success again for the magnetization. Is usually made into ring shape or square cylinder powerful magnets. City magnet factory, founded in 2006, decades of technical master production experience and experience, for the products of the specifications of the size of the production and tolerance to perfection, and modernization of professional mechanical automation control jet mill and vacuum sintering furnace. More than 10000 square meters of factory area to ensure the stability of the supply of goods production. City magnet low price: automated production line for production cost is cheaper, it be the true model of self-marketing, thoroughly eliminate the middlemen to raise prices. Guarantee can offer the same products in the product on the market. City of excellent quality magnets: modern professional technical guarantee, from N expect EH can produce all kinds of professional materials, can satisfy completely the requirements of various customers powerful magnets. Ndfeb, ferrite, samarium cobalt and other kinds of materials. There has never been a quality complaints for more than a decade. City, the magnet delivery fast: originally, is a professional production line and technical workers make products become adept. Combined with professional freight car and strategic partners, to prevent affecting the product delivery time in the distance, transport of goods to ensure customer products production cycle. , good service attitude, no supervision and 24 hours service, online customer service, website, phone, ali wangwang, various channels such as connection, allows the customer to contact the first time. The high quality service attitude, make customer not only in getting a product at the same time, have a good mood. A: ndfeb strong magnet aging, the next key reason of sintered ndfeb production process
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