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A strong magnet is harmful to human body? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-03-31
As you all know, the local there will be a magnet magnetic, the strength of the magnetic field of damage also is different. Strong magnetic field is harmful to human body. Such as cause hair loss. The bearer to one homework for a long time in strong magnetic field environment, after work to degaussing is this truth. Magnet is no effect to human body. There are nuclear magnetic in the medical machine, magnetic field up to more than 3 t, no harm to human body. Of (among) all the radiology department of medical equipment, mri is the most safe. Magnet maximum task of fingers, hair clips. High magnetic field is sure have a negative effect to human body, but a magnet magnetic force is limited, can't cause what effect to human body. Some people say that the magnet provides affects the magnetic force of life, even thought that every cell is negative, others say magnets can improve blood circulation. Facts have proven that people's blood, cells do not react to any magnet. Conclusion: unless you have implanted in the body iron objects or wear pacemakers and other equipment. A magnet for the average person does not have any harm.
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