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A magnet magnetization and radial magnetizing pairs? _ ndfeb strong magnet manufacturers

by:Newland     2020-04-06
A magnet magnetization and radial magnetizing pairs? Magnet magnetization has a lot of, don't know can read this site search ndfeb strong magnet magnetization relevant article information, there is a magnet magnetization of schematic diagram. There are a lot of customers asked about the magnet magnetization and radial magnetizing matching the same? So matching the magnetization and radial magnetization is a mean? Strictly speaking, the magnetization and radial magnetizing different pairs. ( Below for matching abnormity slot magnet) Radial magnetization are radial magnetization, the magnetization with radial matching such as motor use tiles are basic radial magnetization, most of the time need to be matched. But the magnetization are not necessarily match the radial, axial, may also be if use more T magnets, magnet size head also often have the customer need to match the magnetization. Using surface on the side of the magnet we call this kind of magnetization radial magnetization. Radial magnetization usually refers to the ring, cylindrical magnet, etc.
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