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a magnet bouncing on a trampoline is way more interesting than it sounds

by:Newland     2019-09-20
How do they work?
Good friends of magnetic games on YouTube channel know how to use, they make all sorts of neat videos showing how magnets are used for entertainment.
As \"Laughing Fish\" found, their latest video is a very interesting one.
So far, you should all know that there is a so-called magnetic field around the magnet.
This is the invisible force that makes the magnet attract or reject, and other materials such as metal will also react to it.
The only problem is that you really can\'t see it . . . . . . Or can you see it?
In order to find out the answer, the magnetic game dropped a few super
A strong magnet on a small trampoline covered with magnet sand and then shot in super slow motion.
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The video is all sorts of wonderful, it does a great job of slowing down the speed, you can see how the magnetic force around the magnet is bending and manipulating the feathers
Light metal particles float around it.
The shape you see in the video, which looks circular and curved towards the poles, is no different from the Earth\'s own magnetic field, but apparently on a smaller scale.
The short build tutorial at the beginning of the video makes this experiment seem easy to complete in your own home.
While this is correct to some extent, it is important to note that the magnets used here are not the kind you might find in your local hardware store. Super-
The price of strong magnets is usually quite expensive, and of the two magnets we see in the video, the price is as low as $50.
The more powerful one sets you back about $100.
But if you have a way, do it. Don\'t forget to shoot.
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