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A few simple measuring powerful permanent magnets magnetic teach you! 「」

by:Newland     2020-05-01
General magnet manufacturers strong magnetism of permanent magnet is measured in professional gauss meter to measure, simple and direct. But most of the customers is not the tool, a gauss meter to thousands of dollars. Many customers want to know to buy back a strong permanent magnet magnetic force big, or even who distinguish 2 magnet attraction is big, should how to operate? 1, if it is the same size of strong permanent magnets can use the standard iron test, see can suck up a few kilograms; 2, if different sizes can use the compass to see him more remote sensing pointer changes direction; 3, but want to accurate, or use the gauss meter to measure the magnetic table. Above is the commonly used a few action, want to know more information about strong permanent magnets to focus on us!
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