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A few advantages of ferrite permanent magnets ( Advantage) introduce

by:Newland     2020-04-14
Welcome to Ricky magnet net card, some netizens asked about ferrite magnet what are the advantages? Today to say with you several big advantage of ferrite magnet ( Advantage) 。 Ferrite is our daily life one of the most common type of magnetic material, I should think a lot of friends like me, the original understanding of the magnet is used on the horn of the black magnetic ferrite. Ferrite is widely used, dosage is extremely large, why all like with ferrite magnet? Because it does not rust, no oxidation, no corrosion and environmental protection. Why won't rusty ferrite magnet? Chemical name for ferrite magnet ferroferric oxide main ingredients are: Fe3O4. Is iron oxide, so want to be oxidized, it is very difficult. While other magnet ( Ingredient is iron) , is made of magnetic metal iron, or other no have, it is the same as other iron and steel, can be to oxidize, was part of the magnetic oxide disappear. What advantage ferrite magnet ( Advantage) 1, low cost, low price. The cost of raw materials is very cheap. 2, good temperature stability in - Use 40 c and + 350 degrees Celsius temperatures. 3, is just mentioned is not rust. 4, demagnetization curve approximate to linear. 5, light weight, density of ( 4. 6 - 5. 1) X103kg/M3 6, large magnetic crystals of the opposite sex constant. 7, the coercive force Hc ( Between aluminum nickel and cobalt alloy material between cobalt and rare earth permanent magnet materials) What are the advantages of this ferrite magnet under the see? If you have any need to ferrite magnet processing customized welcome contact us card rich. With the highly relevant magnet article; Ferrite square magnet middle recessing is very popular recently? Sintered ferrite magnets can processing? Do you know?
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