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8 types of man selfies and what they mean

by:Newland     2019-10-07
At this moment, there is a good chance that people will take selfies somewhere in families, restaurants, meeting rooms and tourist attractions around the world.
In 2014, it was estimated that more than 1 million selfies and sharing were taken on social media every day.
Not just a picture of yourself, I would like to suggest that, like a dream, each selfie tells a bigger story.
Based on my experience as a PhD researcherD.
In the PhD program in psychology and pedagogy, here are some of the more typical selfies --
Especially those taken away by men.
What they might mean.
8 types of men taking selfies and what they mean.
The gym represents vitality, youth and vitality.
Unconsciously, you often come into contact with people like this because, biologically speaking, you are looking for a good father for your child who tells you that he is a candidate. 2.
Nude selfies usually taken in the bathroom at home, watch this out!
You may have a peacock in your hand, and if he looks in the mirror more than you, he may not be your best choice. 3.
In essence, we think cars are a symbol of strength and a symbol of sex, so this guy is sending outhither vibe. 4.
If it is put in the locker room, he may tell you that he is one of the boys.
If it is in the club, he may try to impress you with his club status.
Usually, when someone tries to make such an impression on you, you may look at his polar opposite or shadow and think that he may not feel safe. 5.
This is a great selfie.
The dog really came-
Like babies at the airport, many women attend.
They are baby magnets and men often attach themselves to their pets to reveal their softer side and reach your softer side. 6.
This may be a sign of immaturity.
Before I get in touch with someone who is openly acting in such a childish way, I think twice. . .
Unless he just uses humor because he feels embarrassed and unsure about himself. 7. Friend Selfie (or \"Ussie\")
Many times, when we are uncomfortable, we will bring a friend to support us.
I think this kind of selfie is very attractive and can let you know that he is a very friendly person. 8.
This is a beautiful selfie of a man who appreciates life and the fullness of life, who recognizes nature and stress --
A free environment is important to him, not just material life.
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