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350 new research positions to be created as part of €40m investment

by:Newland     2019-11-15
Amber, the Irish Center for Materials Science Research, announced today that 350 jobs will be created as part of Phase II Research.
New research positions will be established between 2019 and 2025.
According to AMBER, the study will focus on creating new materials and technologies to minimize environmental impacts, improve health conditions and build a sustainable future.
AMBER represents advanced materials and bioengineering research.
Material science can be said to be the science of things \".
Amber researchers look for materials that can convert daily products such as mobile phones, knee implants, batteries, etc. into beer bottles.
The new funding will expand Amber\'s investment in sustainable development materials.
AMBER claims that this will help develop Irish science that \"supports the Green Revolution and plays an important role in tackling climate change and supporting the circular economy.
\"The research center also works with industry to reduce waste and improve resource efficiency.
An example of the amber study is the study of sustainable biological polymers as a substitute for synthetic polymers.
Polymer is an integral part of daily products.
An example of synthetic polymer is nylon.
Most synthetic polymers are
This is why plastics containing many polymers are difficult to break down.
An example of a bio-polymer is a biodegradable plastic made of microorganisms made from seaweed.
This is sustainable. polluting.
AMBER also wants to create new energy technologies and innovative materials for the collection, delivery and storage of energy.
One example of this technology is cost.
Effective Heat
Generator or high
Magnets for energy applications.
This will reduce Ireland\'s dependence on fossil-fuel energy, thus reducing harmful emissions to the environment.
AMBER\'s new research phase is funded by the Irish Science Foundation\'s Research Center project with a funding of € 40 million over six years, as well as € 77 million in cash and income
Amber will raise money from industry and non-industry
Their international research activities provided resources for finance.
AMBER is headquartered at Trinity College Dublin.
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