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$30 million in doe grants for green technologies free of rare earth elements

by:Newland     2020-03-03
With China tightening its control over rare earths, the Department of Energy has provided millions of dollars to help produce turbines and electric vehicles that do not have significant minerals from Maria garucci, the next generation of wind turbines and electric vehicle components may be rare earths-
If the United States is successful in producing clean technology without critical metal elements, it is free of charge. The U. S.
Department of Energy (DOE)
Said it would provide up to $30 million for research on rare earth substitutes.
Contains materials used in turbine generators and electric vehicle motors.
Additional $100 million will be allocated by other senior research projectsEnergy (ARPA-E)
Advanced biofuels, thermal energy storage, grid reliability and lower projects
Cost of solar power generation.
High from 2009-
The venture Research Fund, which has disbursed $0. 363 billion in federal stimulus funding for 121 energy projects, is currently in the fourth round of funding.
President Obama says he wants to add $0. 55 billion to ARPA. E next year. “ARPA-
In a press release, Energy Minister Zhu steven Wen said: \"E is releasing the innovative power of the United States to strengthen the global competitive power of the United States and win the clean energy competition . \".
However, the reduction and restrictions on rare earth supply may hinder the ability of the United States. S.
Manufacturers will compete globally, the agency said.
Although rare earth reserves in the United States, Russia and Australia have not yet been developed, China\'s supply of rare earth accounts for 97% of the world\'s total.
According to the Department of Energy: \"As a demand for these [clean]
Due to limited global supply and increasing technology, the price of rare earth has risen rapidly.
In the past year, prices for many have risen by 300 to 700%.
\"Rising prices for rare earths have raised the cost of some energy technologies and could jeopardize the widespread adoption of many key energy solutions in the United StatesS. manufacturers.
\"In recent years, wind turbines and motors have increasingly relied on the use of metal elements, such as rare earth and rare earth elements, to make powerful permanent magnets for high-tech fields
Performance-driven systems.
According to U. S. Data, it makes sense that the U. S. Consumes about 10,000 metric tons of rare earth a year. S.
Geological Survey.
George hajpanayis, a physicist at the University of Delaware, said,iron-boron (Nd-Fe-B)
The magnets he helped find in early 1980 needed hundreds of kilograms of rare earth materials for use in offshore wind turbines, while the rare earth materials needed in motors were smaller but larger.
\"Because the materials were available at the time, most of the research in the past few years was about rare earth magnets and there was not enough time for materials without rare earth,\" he said, SolveClimate News.
\"With more and more demand [
Cleaning Technology
So it makes sense to worry about the future of rare earths.
\"In response to the growth in global demand last year, China cut its rare earth export quota by 72% in the second half of 2010, raising the main quality of clean-tech manufacturers.
China then cut exports by another 35% in the first half of this year.
The United States can offset supply restrictions by increasing the mining of 13 million metric tons of rare earths distributed in 14 states. Colorado-
Based in Moley
Has said it will reopen its rare earth mine in the mountain pass in California.
Closed in 2002 for a $0. 5 billion renovation to reduce the environmental impact of mining
Water pollution and radioactive sludge.
Earlier this month, the company acquired Arizona.
Rare earth alloy and metal producer of three islands, United States
A subsidiary of Japan\'s three islands company. , for $17. 5 million.
However, the ministry of energy still expects that with the continuous adoption of clean technology, the consumption of rare earths will be \"faster than the speed at which new rare earth supplies and proven reserves can be economically put into production \". ” Next-
Nd-Gen permanent magnet
Base of 90% permanent magnets used in electric vehicles and turbine technology-
In the next decade, supply will be exceeded, and if demand doubles then, rare earths will face serious shortages by 2015.
For motors for hybrid and electric vehicles, ARPA-
The goal of Plan E is to eliminate the use of rare earths, increase power and reduce costs. Direct-
Drive the wind generator can use high
Non-high temperature conductor
Rare Earth Permanent Magnet.
Hadjipanayis is already working hard to develop the next-
Reduce the generation of permanent magnets from 30 to 40% rare earth materials.
In the past year, the physicist
Research teams from three research institutesyear-
Use long items for $4.
Early ARPA 4 million
Magnet innovation fund.
GE Global Research received $2.
Last year, 25 million of similar research was supported.
\"We are trying to make the strongest magnet in the world. Now it\'s Nd-Fe-
B magnet, \"he said.
On The REACT project, he added: \"I hope that one day we will find a material that will replace rare earths.
\"For companies with existing technologies that completely avoid metal minerals, it may be a good sign to try to surpass them.
San Dimas, California-
Based on the AC Propulsion Technology, induction motors for electric vehicles have been developed for 20 years without rare earth minerals.
CEO Tom Gage said that due to the high peak efficiency level, permanent magnet motors are becoming more and more popular in the electric vehicle market, and induction motors have higher efficiency in a wider range.
The company has developed products for automakers such as BMW in Germany and Yulong in Taiwan, as well as three home and two Japanese automakers, as well as one Korean carmaker.
\"The most immediate thing for any car planner is that they have to have a reliable supply of parts.
Car companies should not take it lightly, whether it is [rare earth]
The Shortage is real or temporary, or a product of some game skills in China, \"lucage told SolveClimate News . \".
He said exchanges have not increased significantly
However, the rare Earth program \"We received calls from some car companies that were interested in discussions that we had not expected.
\"Offshore wind power without rare earth?
Jason Frette, spokesman for the Devins mass. -
Based on the United StatesAMSC)
He said that the company\'s Windtec department is developing a 10-
Megawatt-class offshore wind turbine, it only needs to use trace rare earth metals such as y in supergenerators.
\"Permanent magnet generators are an increasingly popular technology that has gained a lot of traction in the wind market, but most wind turbines today still don\'t need rare earths, he said.
AMSC\'s seattan turbine at sea is part of the research cooperation of the Department of Energy\'s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).
Their common goal is to replace ten smaller turbines by building a huge tower, thus reducing the cost of building an underground infrastructure.
Although much of the company\'s business is in partnership with manufacturers in China, South Korea, Taiwan and India, Fredette said AMSC plans to participate in the fledgling US marketS.
With the opening of the offshore wind power market,
\"Doe has been a good supporter of the super capacitor for many years and has helped us push this technology to the stage today,\" he said, adding that, it\'s too early to say if the company will look for ARPA. E funding.
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