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3 reasons why electric bikes are the bridge to transforming urban cores

by:Newland     2019-10-28
Do you know about e-bikes? e-bikes)
Have you been there since the end of 1800?
There\'s even a patent in the middle. drive e-
Bicycle submitted on 1897.
In the past few decades, they have developed a lot and have not entered their \"modern stage\" until recently \".
The main turning point recently-in 1995—
Is the decline in the price of nd magnets, which gives e-bikes a much-
Power needs to be increased. E-
Bicycles, as a form of transportation at the heart of the city, have just begun to dominate.
Global e-commerce market in 2018
$21 billion for bicycles;
The market is expected to be worth nearly $39 billion by 2025. In the U. S. , e-
Bicycle sales in 2017 exceeded $77 million, up 91% from 2016. Since 2014, e-bikes in the U. S.
Sales increased eight times.
The last time I wrote about the key to the future of urban traffic is how to split the services that cars usually offer.
Electric bikes provide a variety of important services and benefits for commuters and leisure bike lovers.
Perhaps most importantly, e-
Bicycles provide an ideal practical range for the city core.
Their \"sweet spot\" is a journey between 10 km and 24 km (
About 6 miles to 15 miles).
Electric scooters dominate cities under 10 km, and more than 24 km prefer to use cars or buses. That mid-
The distance between motorcycles and cars can describe the limits of many city centers. An e-
The bike can take most travelers anywhere in the heart of the city and provide power assistance on hills and longer sections.
It is worth noting that electric bikes offer a very high-profile cost
Debate over interestsautomobiles.
Even considering the cost of replacing the battery (
Batteries are the source of many concerns around e-commercebikes)
The cost difference is huge.
Court Rye, an electric bicycle expert, said: \"from the current fuel cost, the operating cost of electric bicycles is basically three times that of cars.
\"Compared to other micro-motor vehicles, physical practical electric bicycles provide a more stable and versatile platform for practical modifications.
Through the accessories and accessories on the bicycle frame, food delivery, express delivery service, small wheeled loads can be realized.
Bicycles can also withstand much higher loads than scooters, and they can transport huge pads and impressive trailers themselves.
The sturdy frame and platform of the electric bike also provides an option for carrying smaller passengers, similar to the non-
Electric bicycles can be used for children\'s seats.
Taking into account the additional range and power
Assist that e-
Bike offering, a good sign for urban core families using e-commerce
Bicycles meet their daily needs.
Improving health and living already has a lot of work on the health benefits of cycling.
Research on what electric bikes can do for our collective and individual health is starting to get on track.
E-commerce is the most prominent factor.
Bicycles make it less difficult for people to do meaningful regular exercises.
Even in a very suitable place, the steep hills on the bike can be daunting, but the power assist of electronic equipment
The challenge was improved by bicycles.
The authors of a study published in the European Journal of Applied Physiology reported that their subjects found riding electric bicycles very interesting.
Pleasant activities can translate into positive changes to habits, which may lead to better health outcomes for people traveling in e-commercebikes.
Electric bikes also offer the elderly another option to extend their independence time.
Not only can e-
Bicycles allow them to run errands without relying on cars, which also keeps them physically active.
Some surprising results on the use of e-commerce
Bicycles that alleviate the severity of diseases such as Alzheimer\'s and Parkinson\'s are coming soon.
Model of power supply-
The auxiliary pedal bike is likely to be the final answer again.
Involve a large number of people in daily sports activities.
If our city is to remain relevant and livable, the core of transforming the city is to understand the changing traffic needs of our population.
At the heart of our city, our most densely populated areas, there is an urgent need for solutions to the problems of diversity and density. E-
Bicycles can travel through the core of most cities, and they provide a certain degree of practicality on solid platforms to meet the needs of people who often use cars, they provide a convincing way for almost all people engaged in sports.
The city\'s core needs to be shorter-Scope solution (e-scooters)
There are also electric bicycles.
In general, cyclists can better connect riders to their communities, which is in stark contrast to private cars, which successfully cut us off from each other,
E-bikes are expected to be a cure for this disease, and many other things that plague our city.
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