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2018 year China top 10 excellent magnetic materials enterprises

by:Newland     2020-03-23
According to the new material online news: the domestic outstanding magnetic materials enterprise before and after the contest after 2 months, with a total of 50 + home unit to participate in the selection, combined with the selection criteria and industry support score finally selected 2018 year China magnetic materials excellent enterprise ranking of the top 10. Here are 2018 excellent magnetic material enterprises in the top 10 list' Guangdong 】 Jiang powder magnets co. , LTD. ' Guangdong 】 Shenzhen platinum secco magnets co. , LTD. ' Guangdong 】 Foshan zhongyan amorphous technology co. , LTD. ' Guangdong 】 Guangzhou Jin Na magnetic materials co. , LTD. ' Anhui province. Anhui province house is new material co. , LTD. ' In hunan province. Hunan aerospace magnetoelectric co. , LTD. ' Gansu 】 Jin Changzhong st new material co. , LTD. 【 In sichuan province. Sichuan Kyoto Long Tai technology co. , LTD. ' Beijing 】 Beijing smelting branch magnetic materials co. , LTD. ( In jiangxi province. Jiang Xiyi, magnets co. , LTD. ( The above in no particular order) The above information is derived from the online website, new materials by finishing editing of Ricky magnet factory card networks, are for reference only. If you do not know much about the magnet and magnetic materials recommended reading 'a picture is read magnetic and magnetic materials with this article highly relevant articles; Rare earth permanent magnet materials enterprise ranking top 10 2017 2018 China's rare earth functional materials listed companies list
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