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2018 Chinese rare earth export status: increase amount of price rise

by:Newland     2020-03-16
According to industry online news: China's exports of rare earth 5421 in December 2018. 4 tons, an increase of 811 tons, month year-on-year increase 17. 6%, year-on-year increase in 5. 1%. Export amount, China's exports of rare earth in December 2018, 44. 6 million dollars, fell 0 month. 3 million dollars, fell 0. 7%, an increase of 15. 8%. Export price, its exports of rare earths in December 2018, an average of 8226. Seven dollars/tons, fell 1512 last month. 2 dollars/tons, fell 15. 5%, an increase of 10. 1%. The image below for rare earth exports in recent years in our country and the average price charts ( 2013 - 2018) In 2018 China's total exports of 53224 tons of rare earths, year-on-year increase in 4. 0%; In 2018 China's exports of rare earth total value of 513. 23 $6 million year-on-year growth. An average of 9770, 7% in 2018, China's rare earth exports. 6 dollars/tons, year-on-year growth of 19. 9%. Above data from the network, the strong magnet manufacturers card Ricky small make up finishing editing, in 2018 China's rare earth export price increases, increase amount of reversing the long-term price fall in! Ricky magnet card information related to rare earth website articles; 2018 rare earth permanent magnet materials enterprises in guangdong 2018 annual 2700 tons of rare earth ore mining index of total amount control
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