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2018 - 2019 China and application of rare earth permanent magnet market

by:Newland     2020-04-29
From the point of view of production in China in 2017 sintered ndfeb production of 148750 tons, in 2018 China's production of sintered ndfeb is 156958 tons, year-on-year growth of 5. 5%. In zhejiang area biggest gains, growth of 28%, the beijing-tianjin region and negative in Inner Mongolia. Look from the production distribution, the annual output over 3000 tons of 12 companies account for 40% of sintered ndfeb in China market, production 2000 tons of 11 companies accounted for 10% of the market, the remaining 50% by other output in 2000 tons the following more than 130 enterprises. From the point of view of rare earth permanent magnet production in China in 2018 sintered ndfeb production is estimated at 35 billion yuan, output value of bonded ndfeb estimated 17. Output value of 500 million yuan, samarium cobalt is estimated at 1. 2 billion yuan. In 2019 the national output value of sintered ndfeb essentially flat with 2018, 2019 national bonded ndfeb production growth (slightly Less than 5%) , especially the hot-pressing magnet production increased, but due to the increasing cost of raw material, etc, resulting in a decline in corporate profits. Samarium cobalt magnet production in 2019 and last year's Numbers, but as a result there is a new enterprise, enterprise between heavy discounting, so further squeeze profit space. Magnet of the whole application fields in 2019 on the rail transit future prospects; Wind power growth, an estimated 10 - Growth of 20%; Energy-saving elevator production is expected to 850000 units in 2019, the continued growth of 2020; Keep pace with 2018 the medical apparatus and instruments; 10 - electric moped to growth 15%; Air compressor is expected to decline 3% 5%; Consumer electronics ( Such as mobile phone) Will fell, but with the popularity of 5 g phone, 2020 is expected to grow. Overall, the 2019 national sintered ndfeb blank production are sales revenue but significantly lower than the production growth, rough unit price lower. Each respect such as rising costs of raw materials, labor, further reduce profits. The industry of sintered ndfeb production enterprises operating conditions have also been obvious differentiation, displays in: long-term focus on product quality, pay attention to the enterprise technology innovation condition is much better than other companies; Powerful economic strength, large production enterprises is much better than that of small and medium-sized enterprises; In the high-end products and finished products of enterprises is much better than high low-end products and blank production enterprises. Technology innovation in terms of cost reduction are obviously better than that of the traditional technology of enterprises, so although sintered ndfeb in raw material price fluctuations, weakness of sino-us trade friction effect and application market promotion, excess capacity and so on various aspects negative factors, but those who have the economic strength, technical reserves, technology innovation, production of large enterprises, still gives a satisfactory answer.
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